Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A good morning

   A long time since the last post. But finally a morning when one has to shed procrastination and write down something. A good morning it is when a good message or a mail brightens up your day. Its for this wonderful feeling of everything being complete one needs to strive. Its fairly easy to keep on preaching about stuff one never actually work on. But when those bookish things actually translate into our daily lives it is quite a bliss. To let go of all that's pulling you back, holding you down is not so easy at is seems. To be happy is not so complicated as it is made out to be. The algorithms people give to find bliss more often than not turn out to be half-hearted and end up being a temporary push. Agreed that at times it is this temporary push that keeps our head above the surface. But it is truly unfair on the prowess we posses deep within. The wonderful power of simply being content is sometimes taken for granted. It is rare gift at times to simply look at things as they actually are. This gift which every thinks that they posses in the earnest. On the contrary it is a minority who can remain clear headed at all times. A morning that begins with a smile more often than not ends in a blissful night's sleep. Many argue that this is an illogical statement. But try keeping a tab of such days when you smile the moment you wake up as compared to those with nightmares. Its a marked difference. 

    The little things which we take often for granted are many a times the things which a vast majority consider a luxury in this world of ours. Every act of ours influences the world in some manner or the other. Some say it would be a dystopian thought if all acts would have affected the system workings of this universe. However insignificant our existence might be. It is of value in our own niche which we ought to carve. Preaching it seems.Its nothing but pondering over the little things that occur. Its so easy to be drifted and get pulled away. but pulled away from what ?? That's the question, we need to ask. The serious ones would keep pondering. The casual ones would neglect. But all you need to do is be aware. There are many a things living for. Its a gift once a poet said - To live, to be, to breathe. And surely it is a gift to walk on. But to where? A simple road awaits us all. Each one has a different one for sure but yes a road there is. So why crawl on it when we can skip along singing in cheer.. Smile along

Friday, 19 September 2014

In Frustration?

     Its a lot troubling, frustrating and all those complaining maladies we get to hear. All such in a young age. It seems terribly stupid in retrospect when we realise that all was for nothing in the beginning. Accepted that when in the actual situation, its rarely are we able to keep a sane mind. All the unwanted and corrosive thoughts pour in torrents. Its not unnatural to think of the weirdest of things when faced with such a situation at times. The worst case scenarios pop up out of nowhere. When the trusted of faces seem to be distant and unfamiliar. We then let the most insignificant of things affect us. The meaningless words find extreme meanings in our mind. More often than not, all it ends in regret. Its all easy to say when one is out of that depressing state. Living by, and days stretching by no longer is a hyperbole in such times. Strange thing this mind of ours is. The extreme suppositions and derivations we start making from the smallest of acts is laughable in hindsight. 
      All these things seem magnified and grave the longer you keep looking at them. The 'frustration' could very well be compared with an itch but just a mental one. A mental itch. You can't scratch it. It just keeps on irritating without dying down. Enough of this description. Getting on with it, we realize our folly in it. Writing on it is fairly easy. But even then it is surely worth a try if we could cope with it. Its just a thin line we tread on, but yes not totally impossible. Just remembering the same thing we always knew. This too shall pass. The same old cliche we have been hearing for ages. All you do is try to be indifferent but not inconsiderate. Thinking of what we already have and how much better off we are helps too. The wonderful things that lay ahead. Its abrupt, but yet the same thing repeated. Have faith, this too shall pass.. :)

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Self help - the true cliche

            The often repeated adage - 'Self help is the best help' , has been passed on since quite a few generations. We have heard of the story of the sparrow and the farmer which underlines again the real value of self help. Though for a point of debate people put up theories of nobody being quite independent in the society and being interwoven with the with the social structure, it is a different point altogether. Sadly the fact which we face today is the desperacy we find ourselves faced with. Every individual wants confirmation and applause. This isn't totally unwarranted for, but the increasing need for outer praise is on the rise. No one would mind a cup of buttered flattery. Often at times a good book or a good talk peps us up. What we call as 'motivation'. It is a super feeling when we actually feel confident after an external pep talk. But this is what harms a lot in the long run. As if on a drug. It wont be extreme to call it at par with substance abuse. We get hooked up to it. And then the going gets tougher to get off it. Its quite tough to leave those crutches.
           But the real happiness is when you yourself feel activated. The feel that comes from inside. Even this is tough to keep up all long. Tough I say but not impossible. If only life was an exponential graph but its closer to the sine curve. And you cannot help it. What goes up has to come down sometime or the other. This also doesn't mean that we stop trying. Small things go a long way in keep the head up. When all seems down and you feel out. Just a few firm facts we forget easily.

  1. It's surely not the end of life.
  2. To heck with what others think about you.
  3. Patience is the toughest thing to learn but the best once learnt.
  4. Make quick count of what you actually have at the moment, its a lot believe me.
  5. You aren't supposed to copy, but to create.
  6. 7 billion people out there competing, yet you are breathing on your own, a big thing.
  7. Smallest of a good thought goes a long way, though insignificant.
  8. You owe it to those who brought you in here.
  9. Whining only worsens things.
  10. Quit complaining, no use.
  11. If you have resources to even read this you are much more fortunate than you think yourself to be.
  12. Just how precious life is, we would never know till we lose it.
  13. Re birth maybe, maybe not, but Being alive now is FACT, live it.
  14. Smile, changes equations the fastest.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

trudge - an experiment

  Narrating one of my previous short poems.. different try.

Ctry + Y.. A story.

           The building was dilapidated, almost in ruins. Hardly anybody went in there now and yet there was a commotion on the fifth floor. As the stock market fell sharply, Mr Deeds clutched at his chest. All his savings, all that he had scavenged went into the abyss following the marque on the TV set. Deeds couldn't breathe staring at the blank TV screen. It was his third cardiac arrest. He had defied nature twice already, but he might not be lucky this time over. At 63 he was too worked up, being head of a multi-million marketing firm wasn't an easy task after all. The stock market collapse was a huge one this time over. Everything had collapsed at once. It was too much to take, for it was Mr.Deeds who had went against all to put up all the company money into the then bullish market. Let alone the loss, he was under debt and bankrupt. He needed to get away. Get away soon. Mr.Deeds grabbed his suit from Saville row hung on the door and his customised briefcase and left the building. 
          The city was crowded, overcrowded to be correct. Mr.Deeds left his Daimler in the parking and made way towards the train. It seemed a decade since he had last used it. It was when he had what people called a family. As he finally got into the jam-packed train, the sweaty yet smiling faces of the travellers made him envious. How could they be happy? He could have bought them all, perhaps a few moments ago, before the market crash. But now he was now penniless. He got down at the last station. Mr.Deeds had no money all in despair. He felt hungry now. As Mr.Deeds made way towards the bench on the platform. Mr.Deeds had no money all in despair. He felt hungry now. As Mr.Deeds made way towards the bench he saw a parcel lying unattended on it. Curious he opened it. And ahh!! as if somebody had heard his stomach praying, inside the parcel were a couple of rotis and some pickle, with a ugly bottle, but it had water. How silly could people be. How absent minded to leave such a parcel lying around. His gentlemanly manners told him to keep it back as it was, but his hunger said otherwise. As if he hadn't actually eaten the entire day. Perhaps he had not, so busy at work. Mr.Deeds looked around but saw nobody other than for some shabby looking man standing near a pillar. The shabby man was looking at Mr.Deeds once in a while but it didn't matter. How ugly people could be, thought Mr.Deeds  no hygiene and started eating the crudely made rotis. He was ravenous for sure. After gulping down the water he felt better. Mr.Deeds seemed happier, so what if he was beaten, he would rise again. And why not start from the grassroots, perhaps by taking the train tomorrow, anyways he could not find his Daimler keys. With this thought slouched, resting. The trains passing by didn't bother Mr.Deeds as he was already fast asleep on the bench. Sleeping soundly.

          The shabby man came from behind the pillar and picked up the leftovers and the parcel wrapper for the next day. The same couple of rotis and pickle he could manage out of his earnings for Mr.Suit, as he had named Mr.Deeds. Surely it had been a decade Mr.Suit would come by the train. The same suit, everything the same, sit by the bench and not a day missed. May be he was another lunatic hit by the market crash 10 years ago.
        And yes he was, Mr.Deeds, a prolific banker of his times, hit pretty bad by the losses, would now each day repeat his routine of the day of the market crash. The office building, the market had long moved on but not Mr.Deeds. As the old Mr.Deeds lay asleep unawares of his extreme Alzheimers'.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Shoudln't matter

    A thousands of events occur by. In our life, things happen even without even we knowing about them. And our reactions to them. And yes many infact all of them are spontaneous at times. Just thinking of a story I once read.

    " Once a monk and his disciple were walking by on their way to their hermitage in the forest. They walked on for a while only to find a stream they had to cross everyday back. But only this time there was a young woman standing by the bank of the stream. She seemed to be having trouble crossing the river on her own. The monks were celibate and were not supposed to talk or interact with women. The disciple immediately increased his pace to avoid the woman. But as it, the woman called out the monk, and asked him that if they could help her go the other side as she had hurt her leg and couldn't cross the river. The disciple was shocked. He expected his master, the monk to get angry and walk away. Instead the monk went towards the woman and picked her by the hand. He held her hand and helped her cross the river. The woman then thanked them and went on her way. The disciple was shell shocked as it was not expected of the monk. The monk had broken a holy rule set for them. How could he even touch the woman when they were not supposed to look at them. This thought troubled the disciple for a long time. But terrified of the master's reaction he did not ask the monk. This went on for about a few weeks. Yet the disciple could not get it out of his mind. The master monk had sensed something wrong. And he asked his disciple what was it that was bothering him. The disciple then gathered courage and finally asked the master that how could he have touched the woman and helped her holding her hands when it was against the rules for the monks. The monks smiled and answered. 'Yes, dear child. But I left the woman back there weeks ago by the stream. It is you who is carrying her since then with you.' The disciple understood his folly soon."

    This is how it is with us all the time. Carrying our baggage. Keeping grudges, remembering and ruminating memories. And mostly the ones that made us feel bad about ourselves. The luggage that we don't realise is weighing us down all the time. Pulling us back from our current state. Thinking about things which actually don't matter. Letting go of things is in fact one of the toughest things to do at times. When things cling on to us forever. It seems worthless to keep them in. It is for the best to leave them. It isn't about ignoring, but about not letting them affect you. As humans its our nature to be affected and hurt. And we should be. But keeping them on for a long time simply hampers our growth. The sense of peace which one finds is in fact a lot more calming. The thing which helps us is a simple thought. And that thought is- " Its just what you would have done had it been you in the situations the person has faced. " Its just a reflection of thoughts we have for them. May be this is a lot of preaching but it helps, helps a lot in fact., try it. its just worth the work you put in..    

Friday, 27 June 2014

Just (THeir Story- Part 2)

       Weird thing time is. Passes so slowly when you want it to rush by. He waited and waited for it come. And the day finally came. The rush of the wind as He stood by the train door and thought of the meet coming up soon. He got down and made his way to the place He and She were to meet. It had been some time since a meet in person.Dressed quite well. Finally He arrived. Nobody was there just him and a couple of stray cars idling around. Did she mock him? Was it a mockery as He had once considered? Ohh please let it be a mockery. Somewhere deep inside He wished it to be all false. He hoped She would not come. And then as His cell beeped, there it was, a message from Her-- "Where are you?".. He looked up and around, there She was coming along. The pink dress, you couldn't miss Her for sure. She saw Him too, standing or was it waiting? He didn't want to but yea He did- SMile.
   As she neared, He saw Her smile too. There was silence for a while nothing exchanged but smiles. But they didn't mean anything. Just unspoken nothings. yet a lot was said in that silence on the walk towards the cafe. It was empty nobody in there, just a couple of cafe workers. He led on the way to the seat by the window. There were three chairs in fact. One for Her, the second for Him and the third a reminder of the quiet longing of dismay that stood still between them. Why was there a tinge of regret for not bringing the rose He had almost brought? Wasn't it supposed to be cheesy? But nope, it didn't seem cheesy this time over. And now as they sat, there was no nervousness of previous times. She wondered too, why? Was it because perhaps she had moved on. And breaking the ice with an unconventional compliment from Her (supposedly to be expected from Him). She said. "You do still look great". ah. What was He supposed to say, just a smile sufficed. And they talked. Talked of the things that could have been.

     It wasn't a formal meet as supposed. Three years they had known one another. But yes as She said, didn't seem a long time since their first talk, courtesy Mark Zuckerberg. It seemed natural enough, the talk, the smiles, the laugh, and the occasional punch. 'Friends'- He and She had labelled their relation. It was just for fun He had asked Her. Were there no second chances? And it wasn't it fun She had answered Him -'No'. Why did the denial hurt Him? Maybe even Her? It was a sad fact. He had been a super talker. And it was Him who had talked her out and now couldn't talk her back in. It was just when the coffee arrived chilled She looked up. A couple of hours flew, and ohh believe me when I say flew. The ice cream too gulped down. Then all of a sudden He realised it was the moment. The moment of impact. Once you cross over, you cannot climb back. He took a look at the wristwatch, he was completely oblivious to for the last 2 hours and more. It was time. Time to get up. Time to not get involved further. She and He had a chance in the past. He blew it. But yet He had His reasons, She Her own. They left the cafe again the same silence as when they had entered. They walked, no selfies, no PJs, no crackers, just a walk back. She told him once, twice, thrice, to not go. But He knew, the label Friends wasn't quite completely true for Him now. He had to leave. The wait on the platform was one of the waits She wouldn't have wanted perhaps. They talked, maybe planning for a movie or so as friends. He and She and yet again there was nobody else. Again She said the same thing to Him, "wait, and don't go". It was ominous but somewhere deep it struck, it was late, but the was it fate? As He again stood by the train door rushing away. She fading in a blur of pink, He again cringed for not bringing up that that rose. And again as the narrator I say its unfair quite unfair..
            May be continued.. (hope not)..

Monday, 23 June 2014

Always correct


             This brain of ours is a myriad wonder. Many a mysteries lie hidden within its expanse. And amidst all its wonders lies a tact of being or seeming to be correct ALWAYS.. As humans we live our lives which is formed by zillions of acts. Little deeds or actions. We actually act on four levels.
1. Thoughts..
2. Wishes..
3. Words..
4. Actions..
      And for all of these right or wrong our myriad mind comes up with a justification. A proper justification which sounds perfectly valid within the confines of our brain. Every act of ours seems correct and well thought. Its is pretty difficult to find a person who thinks that's his actions are wrong. Call up the most wanted terrorists and even he will give you perfect reason for his actions . And more often than not you might be convinced. When Albert (of course Einstein) put forth his theory of relativity one can only wonder how perfectly it fits into this gear-work of this cosmos. Our actions might seem weird or unwarranted to the world outside but are perfectly reasoned in our mind.
      The best of the best people and the worst of the worst find themselves correct. 'Jack the ripper' the infamous serial killer who haunted the posh London streets had perfect logic for his killings which to the outside world were cold blooded and inhuman. There are many such examples and this is just one of them. In any argument both the parties are pretty sure of their statements and their validity. There is actually never a winner in such arguments and hence they deteriorate. That's the crux which needs to be pondered over. At any given time we just seem to be correct. But sadly it isn't so always. It just any individual thinking and giving a logic according the situation he has been put in based on his or her previous experiences. That in fact
  No body can be correct  "

     This mind of ours can convince us that we are correct. But its such a huge irony. If every person and his or her actions were correct then the world would have been a puzzle of paradox. And this makes it all the more risky. It all boils down to pretty simple question. Does it help? If it does help the people at large. Then it is probably the correct thing to do. GO on with it...

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Just (THeir Story- Part 1)

    Was it love? The damned thing people loved to term as love. No that wasn't possible. He was the one who had convinced Her that it was not meant to be. He was the one who had acted rude, just so as to push Her away. She hadn't though. She was still there, as beautiful as ever. He went into a flashback.
  Those were early college days. In fact the first one which had brought Her to His notice. No you couldn't deny it. She was beautiful. More than the normal ones at least. And not in the cheap 'double-look' way. He was attracted for sure. But she wasn't the only one then. If you are a guy, you would know it. You could at a particular given time have 'n' number of 'crushes' the flying ones indeed (include naomi watts, watson girl and so on.. ). And she was among them. Some called Him lonesome and even perhaps arrogant tending to rude. But you never know, He was a good guy indeed. He wasn't going to pursue Her or anybody in fact. Then the unimaginable happened. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, Him and Her started communicating. A lot in fact. Numbers were exchanged and that occasional call once in a while. Yet he was pretty much convinced that it was mere attraction. Almost a year passed and she confessed. And thats what was surprising and shocking. He at times even thought She was kidding for sure.
   Love cannot define it. But love was what she had said. He had dismissed it, perhaps He was scared. He had those assumptions which didn't quite match the scenario. He said NO. Yet she was adamant, she would wait. They were now not much in contact, all thanks to Him. He used all sorts of genius ideas right from faking some other girl to downright rude blocking. But in all this he knew he was doing something wrong. 
  A couple of years passed in a jiffy and somehow they were on talking terms again. But things were different now. That girl on the first day of college was now much more than what you could call beautiful. If it could get more it had. Ohh! It skipped His beat. He knew how selfish He was being. She now said that still there was the thing called 'love' and would always be. He panicked again. He talked her out again. He was quite a good talker you know. This time they were friends still. A happy period now, though it felt incomplete. He and she were poles apart, miles apart, ideologies apart, thoughts apart in there lives. Confused was  all He could dare to be now. He just didn't know what it is. But every glance made it tougher.

   Anyways they might meet for a talk soon. He doesn't know why is He waiting for that. Isn't it mere attraction? Does She. And Ohh this I say as the narrator, Its unfair. Nothing is meant to be fair after all.. 
                       ..To be continued......   

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A thing to do when lost.

   The best thing to do when one feels lost and left out is perhaps to pause. To take a deep breath let it out and give out a smile. Give it out the best one you ever could have in packed away. Put it on display as you do to your trophies. Science and research says something about endorphins or other such hormones which are secreted when one smiles. Not much about that here but yes why do you need a reason to smile? The most natural thing to do.
  People walking down a lane usually when alone get conscious of their selves. At least I do at times. What do I do with my hands and stuff. But that's when I do smile. Passer bys have given me looks, the 'seems-s-a-maniac' look, potential-weirdo look. But if it feels good and makes me merrier, shouldn't I be doing it. More and more often. Personal observation led me to believe that smiling changes many a things like.
1. Gives those facial muscles a stretch.
2. Some fuzzy good warmth beneath and within.
3. Relaxes my shoulders.
4. Makes me aware how tensed I was with my body.
5. Dissolves many a depressing thought.
6. Looks good.
7. All the duckfaces seem less annoying.
8. Even random pictures get likes from me on fb.
9. Honestly feels better.
10. Genuine happiness, if there is.
11. More productivity and creativity in whatever I am about to do.
12. Its highly contagious.

   That's just a few of the many small yet essential changes that occur in me. And all that is responsible for those is a very simple and a easy thing called smile. People have written hundreds of books on their technique to be happy in life. But why not for a change think about why should we be happy. Many a things are relative. A particular situation might be responsible for a different and in fact contrasting responses from us. A day when we have had our share of smiles the irritating 'Candy crush' request might not seem so frustrating while on a day of frowns we might start planning ways to murder the 'request sender'. This is the difference. A smile more often than not goes a long way in deciding our reactions to the situations we are in. And as we all might agree that our reactions do matter, because they are prompt and sometimes we later regret them.
   Relations with individuals make or break depending on that very underrated thing called 'smile'... :). :D

Monday, 9 June 2014

Fact and Tact

Hard as it may seem its for the best,
To forget it, 'to let it got' as Demi says,
Trying not to think of it, give it a rest,
For each has a view of his own and million ways.

Seconds of joy and unbidden warmth might pass,
You wouldn't even notice these many moments,
Look around and smile even at the little blade of grass,
 The smell of home food cooking, wet soil and such scents.

People are running let them run forever in a hurry,
Laugh at you do they? let them do that,
Gossip, back talk is it so, chuck, its no worry,
Keeping your head high with not even a tiny spot.

Making losses on the path that leads here,
Its a part lets not cringe on it,
Words hurt my dear worse than a spear,
Use 'em wisely always not a useless bit.

Think of the things which you have on you,
Too many they are, making you lucky lot,
Complaining is the worst part take a cue,
For you are living, breathing, beating and not a bot.

Ask not for a change or simply hope,
It starts and ends with you always,
Think, ponder look around lots and lots of scope,
Let a axe strike and yet the leaf ever sways.

There is a lots to learn and lots to improve,
Promise your own self to have faith and act,
Forget the given niche and break the rigid groove,
Be open and fair and just without a tinge of tact.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Falling off it : A story

   A lovely evening it was. The sky was painted a dull shade of blue and grey with streaks of red and orange from the west. Avani looked through the window. Her workplace, 14th floor in a 25 floored building it was. It was a half day  at work. Almost everyone had left their cubicles. But not Avani, her cubicle was by the life size window. The view was far too mesmerising to resist. She wanted to take it all in. The job was more than anything a girl her age could ask for. A large sum as a salary, reputation in the firm. Avani had everything she had always dreamt of. Good looks and brains rarely come in one piece. But Avani had them. She gathered her bag from the work desk and stood. Her cubicle was a stark contrast to the others. While others had decorated their own with a dash of paraphernalia, Avani's was empty save for a lone photo frame. It held her only possession, their 'selfie'. A wide grin on His face in the picture made her flinch. It wasn't theirs any longer, just Him and Her, no longer 'Us'.
   "You are too ambitious, Avani!", these were the only words He had said. That's all and all ended for them. The words had stung real bad. It had been 5 long years and all it took him was 5 words to end it. She had wanted to stop him. To tell him that she wasn't really ambitious. She really did care. But did she really? Was she so engrossed? Her life was so different now and by now unimaginable without him.
     She entered into the elevator. Her finger hovered a while over the 'G' button. But then stiffened and with a firm push the elevator took her straight to the terrace of the building!. The doors clinged open and a chill wind blasted right into her face. Avani moved as if in a trance towards the edge. Her heart beating, hammering, thundering. The queens necklace glimmered in the distance. The ways so far away hitting on the shore. Avani took a faltering step and then out of the blue it struck. The elevator couldn't come up straight to the terrace, let alone did she even work here any longer?.. It was a jumble, a scream.. A man's scream she had heard.. the wail of silence and a thud.. It was all confusing... Avani collapsed and just as she did the terrace didn't quite seem open but seemed a close room.. And the concrete floor seemed clinical and tiled, and she fainted.

     The doctor shook her head sadly from behind the screen on the cabin door. She scribbled on her notepad against the serial number AB525627... "No progress. The subject still acts delusional and hallucinates of the past. Reason :probably guilt." And the doctor moved on to the next cabin as she had for the last six years. It had been six long years since He died. Or rather slipped off the terrace. And yet the doctor knew she loved him a lot,.. A lot in fact..

Monday, 2 June 2014

Kiddie dayz..

Chaos all around you shutting out,
Not a war it is but just another bout.

Seems faraway and distinct ways,
A single boat anchored at many a boys.

Trees in blossom and the sun ,
Beauty all around yet the cynic soul soul whines.

The purest joy when a kid smiles free,
Yearning for those days of all but simply glee.

The ball bouncing back back and forth between,
The pauper wishes for the joy even the mighty queen.

The tales of the hare and the tortoise,
The thirsty crow no pretense and no poise.

Flew by those moments of innocent bliss,
Kiddie bottles hung around necks you do miss.

Running around mindlessly in circles was,
Pure fun and there were no Newton's laws.

All it lies hidden within waiting still,
Let it come back again days of Jack and Jill.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


      'Are you a sapiosexual?', asks me my friend. And there I am, clean bowled. What is that? An addition to my vocab for sure. So there comes Google to the rescue. I type in and get the result. Urban dictionary pops and defines it - "One who finds the intelligence the most sexually attractive feature" A rare species I say. For a guy I am pretty sure of saying that. How so ever may a guy deny, the first thing he sees in a girl are the looks for sure. Looks do matter for a guy. The percentage weightage may vary but it exists in the first impression list.                                           
      One might warm up to a person later on because of the conversation and stuff but at first it is the looks, the personality that attracts. A game of impressions it is. Creating one and being influenced by one. But yes sapiosexualism is the word. Thoughts do make a difference. Once the initial haze of looks lifts the real thing begins. Talking, conversing makes an unprecedented difference. Thoughts can make or break a relation. The way one expresses his or her thoughts makes its own impression. I guess, a part of the never generation has moved on from being limited to good looks. Though a majority still do fall for those pouts (read duckfaces). And how terribly do they fall. A fulfilling conversation, a little talk with a smart partner beside a lake is at times much more better than a date of pretensions.
   May I take the freedom of coining a new term called intellectual silence. The silence that exists between two individuals after quite a deep conversation. The one which was full of words and meaning though seemingly calm. If this was the case people would always have chosen wisely. But sadly this isn't the case. A very rare handful go for this word and yet fewer from the guys. And I am not being a chauvinist when I say this. But lets face the facts. The persona, the smile too perhaps makes a longer impression. And it lasts at times. Quite long too. So there's hope for the intellectual. Yet lets not dampen our search for the beauty with brains

Monday, 26 May 2014

By a friend: Flying on a broomstick..

"An article not by me but a very special friend.. :).. Thankyu for this.."               

Come 16th May and behold! we were a witness to the most exciting and challenging Lok Sabha elections results eve. The journey had been tedious and committing for all the politicians but finally one leader, one face emerged as the leader. The whole nation was chanting "NaMo NaMo". Yes, it was Narendra Modi himself, a man who created his own identity in this family dominated world of politics, a man who won the hearts of millions in our nation and abroad to stand up as the strongest prime ministerial candidate. Was he the new Political God India had been waiting for? No, there have been better than him. But what India and it's people expect from him is nothing less than a miracle.
But my article does not focus on Modi. As the title suggests it focuses on one mysterious, spectacled man on a broomstick who tried to change the way our people think, who tried to root out all the evil from the government and its ways of working. To me he sounds like our very own version of Harry Potter , doesn't he?
Yes, its Arvind Khejriwal himself. Former civil servant and chief minister of Delhi who is now behind the bars for calling dormer NDA chief Nitin Gadkari corrupt.

His entry into politics was as bombastic as a Punjabi marriage, pompous and decorative. As he entered the world of politics, the common man sensed a revolution, a political one that too.
Our HP tried to take off and was partially successful. He got the support of the masses and was voted the chief minister of Delhi. You could find his banners and posters everywhere, in every town and city. He had suddenly emerged as the new poster boy of India. Millions of youth saw their reflection in him, that flare to change our country from it's very roots. Millions saw him as the next Prime minister. He was like a ray of light in the all enveloping darkness of our political system.

But what happened next is not hidden from anyone. He first faltered when he set up an alliance with Congress itself to form the government. The whole was gaping at their television sets on hearing this. It was like our HP was siding Voldemort. He chose to shake hands with the very people whom he was standing initially against. A few days later he resigned when his Anti-corruption plan was not supported in the Vidhan Sabha by other parties. All that he could give to Delhi in return to their faith in him was 49 days of poor governance. And poor is actually an understatement. Delhi was left an orphan again.

AAP failed to show any Positive results in the Lok Sabha elections as well , contrary to what he promised. The urban and the rural, none voted for his delusional government. Now as Shazia Ilmi and Capt. Gopichand have decided to abandon the ship, Khejriwal almost stands alone with a few supporters. The very foundation on which Khejriwal's conviction was based, now seems to be shaking.

NaMo stands tall,head held high with pride. Congress is on its back foot defending itself. But AAP is on the brink of extinction as it has lost its charm. It seems to be like any other fairy tale for the Indian voters. Shakespeare said that The world is a stage , our our Indian politics seems to be the most interesting of them all, i would say that the show must go on. We never know when a man might actually revolutionise the whole country.

written by
Mahima Rana
(the friend.. :P)

Friday, 23 May 2014

The ABCs..

A- Able to smile more?
B- Be the person you are.
C- Calm always is most important.
D- Dynamic is the word not static
C- Carve your own niche.
E- Every person is running his own race.
F- Forgive, for it is for the best.
G- Give time for its the most valuable thing you posses.
H- Have a break once in a while, for they matter.
I- Independence from stereotypes is the best form of it.
J- Jokes do help, but need to be timed well.
K- Kill those cynical thoughts.
L- Love work and bless all.
M- Motivate the ones around you whenever you can.
N- Never hesitate to ask.
O- Our life is quite short, be aware of this fact.
P- Proving yourself to somebody isn't important all.
Q- Quiet conversations with someone  are at times the best.
R- Rise everyday with a huge SMILE.
S- Sweet are the moments spent in solitude.
T- Treat women with all the respect you can gather.
U- Understanding people is tough sometimes, give 'em time.
V- Vast amount of knowledge stays concealed, we know nothing yet.
W- Watch those thoughts that flutter by cause they could be life changers.
X- Xmas, Diwali, Eid celebrate all, for there is no fun dividing life because of        religion.
Y-  Yearn for peace not chaos.
Z- Zeal for life is the only thing that keeps one afloat in adversity.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Losing the touch? are we?

 The world coming closer day by day. The tremendous technological development and the breathtaking inventions in communication. Amazes a person at times. The most astounding part is the time it has taken. All of this to occur. It was something very spontaneous. Yet amidst all this we find ourselves so disconnected. From the times that once were. Do we remember the last time we weren't swiping the smart phone screen or having a clickathon at the behest of the poor mouse? When was it when it was sheer happiness to hold hands with friends 'ring-a-ring-a-roses' sing in harmony? It seems a different world when the childhood doctor with a make believe stethoscope would diagnose and prescribe a page scribbled over with childish alphabet. This was the time the most sophisticated thing to do was to drive a car on the imaginary road beneath the sofa set-cum-car. A run wouldn't tire you. Giggling and laughing out loud wasn't simply 'LOL'. 'ROFL' was yet to be coined when you actually rolled laughing madly as your friend and you had mock fights.
      The neighbour's door would be forever open and you would alternate between them. It is scary when one sees kiddos hash tagging and duck facing when they should be quacking around like insane ducks. Its a change they say, you cannot avoid it. Accept it. Technology has eased your lives let it have its own set of repercussions. People ask one to live in the present and forget the bygones. But that is not the case. We have stopped thinking. At least stopped thinking about life. We haven't yet got the magnanimity of the situation. The actual situation we face is serious. For a change why not actually give the facts a straight look. Jeopardy it the word of the moment. That is what we are doing by not thinking. The days gone by have taught us many a things. These are all but mere trifles indicating a graver day lying ahead, yet to dawn.

   There still is time to improve. Simple things would make major differences in our life. Chucking it away for a little while is a small step which actually changes things. Keeping the phone away from us for a while makes us feel a bit less tired or tied down. All these amenities once meant for our own ease now have become liabilities. Tying us down. Draining us. We worry when our phone battery drains too quickly. But why do we forget that it is us too that is draining faster than ever. Give ourselves some time. Away from the lethargy helps too. So think. Think a lot it isn't bad if we miss out a couple of notifications. But a couple of minutes hooked on to extreme tech is harmful after a while. Ponder...  

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The trudge.

The sun smiles,
River running miles.

Drying neath the pump,
And perhaps a garbage dump.

The field once green,
Now tends slowly to wean.

The fruits lying askew,
Farmer walking at first dew.

The shoulders once tough,
Are sore and dreary rough.

The scorch will die down,
A smile shall kill the frown.

Days have changed, 
Nights too faraway ranged.

Pleas aplenty on a brow,
Life flows and you simply row.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Women..? respect em

      '136 girls abducted in Nigeria by Boko Haram'. As one reads the detailed report that follows this headline one just can't help thinking. Thinking would be a real understatement of the year. Living in a century which the world calls as the most progressive one. The one where you are free to express and to think. When we the modern people talk of equality. Of having an equal leash on both the genders. To have a society where we live in unique harmony. To dream of the day when all stand shoulder to shoulder irrespective of their traits. Many a traits lead to discrimination. But the worst among them is- sex. Face it people gender. Women and men. Full of male chauvinists and feminists have bragged their way about superiority without any practical implementation. When in a fury one gets worked up and decides in the flow of things to get over the gender bias. But do we really do that. As a boy when one looks around, the severe injustice is palpable. And i am not being prejudiced my dear friends. There lies not a hint of prejudice. Orthodoxies are blamed for narrow minded thoughts and ideologies. But is it really so? The Boko Haram means 'forbidding the western education' in a lose sense. Every person has a justifiable logic for his actions. Or mind is myriad. A place of unaccountable mysteries. A place which can give you a sane reason, which can convince you that what you are doing is not wrong then however devilish that act may be.

   The mere act of eve teasing sends a rage, and yet is prevalent. Don't people ever think. Is every guy so led away by 'hormones'. Be factual. people call for equal contribution of both the genders in a mistake. It may be so. When thinks happen in the outer world, beyond the boundaries of your little paradise, all we do is react for a while, a couple of tweets. A candle perhaps and that's that. This is where it ends. Why don't people think? Ever thought it could happen to somebody around you? why cant it happen. It can. the law of equal probability states that it can. That familiar smiling face standing in front of you. Such wickedness lies lurking in streets. We call us a sovereign nation. And yes we are. I am truly proud of it. But what about the sovereignty of thoughts, the freedom of life. The freedom to live in a world where there is no doubt. Listening to Lennon makes you a dreamer? Think practically. Millions of cyberspace and ink has gone down the lane over this topic. Yet there are people living right amidst us who do heinous crimes. People say talking is not enough. I say no. It is the most important thing. How do you think a factory of militants produces brainwashed youths taking up arms for misled purpose. All it takes is thoughts. Speak up spread it. Women, our own. Why can we not think of the world as ours. Its ours every single creature that breathes is a part YOU. 
   There wont be a day when you don't hear of a crime. Haven't we all as kids mugged up the pledge. The pledge which begins itself calling the countrymen our brethren. Cant we just for a change get out of the core of our little family and think bigger. All seems impractical to some. Women out here with us. They are important. Think of the one who brought you into this world. All it takes is a thought. A misguided one. That's all it takes to spoil a life, To end a life. Again all it takes a single thought to bless a life. There is always a better way. Always a path not taken. There is no fame in posting pictures in hordes of girls if within you don't respect them as an individual. There is nothing cool in having a string of affairs with good looking lasses if you cant respect their beauty. And when I say beauty. It isn't the beauty which we chirp about today. It is the real one that isn't something which you throw out when you flirt. Its nobody's fault actually. Its just we are misguided. Gravely misguided. Women play so many important roles in your life. Respect them for respect is never one sided. There is much more beautiful side in a friendship with a girl. which is without any heinous thought. Live it, experience that very beauty. For its a gift to have a girl trust you. Trust her in return. Admire her not with a fleeting upward glance, but with a ounce of respect in your heart. And you will see the change. Aren't your sisters going to live in this very world. This very world which shoots a Malala, this very world which harasses a job goer. The very day when we understand that it is us who are responsible, it will change for sure. It begins with us. For sure i say life is beautiful and so is this wonderful gift He gave us, - Women.. Respect them. For there shall always be a true gentlemen for a tens of miscreants.. Ladies have faith for there is good..

When in annoyance

       'I am annoyed', so easily annoyed. You hear this so often nowadays. It has become so very common. Getting upset and annoyed is so very easy. All it takes is nothing but our petty brain. The time when some particular thing irritates one to the earnest. Little things end up disturbing us. Even the bird chirping or a giggling crowd, is enough to get you of your hooks. And then all we do is react. And this reaction is very often than not misinterpreted. At such times it is easy to a reaction which we might repent later on. So it is at such times that we need to ponder. To give that pause. The very pause that is required, to take a little break and stop before we react. It could easily be condensed as:
1.Some random event triggering our reaction.
2.A reaction which could be at times unexpected.
3.A later repentance.
  And at the best of times it cannot be avoided. All of us know this plain fact- Its not worth it. Not worth getting worked up. Getting frustrated about a thing which I bet will seem petty some time later in your life. When one fine evening you ponder and think over your days gone by. You shall laugh it off. And might repent to. To have had a chance to go back into the reminiscence and tweak your reaction. That moment might come someday when the time has gone by. When it isn't any more in your hands. The best way therefore is to think when you have it within your scope to influence the change. The time is now. Not when the days have been used up. Not when you have a stick in your shivering hands. People give a stark logic. That - to err is to live. Accepted. But yet not to change is to be unfair to your life. Change shouldn't be forced. Yet it comes from within. At times we smother it. Try to suppress it. But that isn't the answer. It takes a conscious effort to get it together and face it. For a change accept the fact that nobody is perfect. Nobody even you. Face it for it is an undeniable fact. And it is when we realise this, we can come out of the kingdom of annoyance. It isn't easy. But it isn't impossible too. And could be easily summarised as
1.Accept it - NObody is perfect out here
2.GIve it some time, everything heals.

3.Get over it for its not worth it..

Monday, 12 May 2014


 Back on the internet with a proper resource this time. It seems overwhelming. Taking it all in at a time is stupendously overwhelming and that is why this post. Taking a look at twitter after a hiatus of almost a year. And here is the conclusion... I am bamboozled. Will take some time to get back into the routine. The best way for us all is to get back slowly and gradually. I can just imagine how tough should it be for our previous generation. It is stupefying. And this isn't demeaning anybody. Just the huge nature itself is tending towards scary. The real picture is so amazing in fact terrifying. Finally it will take some time. These things aside. The pace is really breathtaking. Wait for a second and you will be trampled. Thats all plain trampled nothing else. The Internet truly addicting. And this isn't some stereotype saying it. Take it in the stride and keep on moving. All you can do is this.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Jotting it up...

    Been long since it felt like taking up the pen and writing it all down. The thoughts that drift by, those that strike hard, those that brush by gently. All of them  summed up and concise to the point of no return. Every passing second something changes subtly or drastically in us. Some or the other change is always constantly in function. A question arises then why do we keep changing? Every moment we change Why? Perhaps its as it is supposed to be. Anyways nothing in the world is the same. Every minuscule particle in motion, changing.. But then the striking thought comes. The one that says all of it. "All that is, is said to be nothing but mere manifestation of our thought". If it is so many myriad realms of possibilities lying around. The sheer wonder of every moment comes to the fore. The word simply vanishes into thin air. Magic, fantasy, lore all seem rational and probable. Keep an eye on those dwindling thoughts. Let them out on a leash. To keep a tab on all that goes in and out of this brain. Marvellous events yet to unfold seem close by and real. A single emotion then swells up. gratitude. For being alive, for being in this realm. Cursing, complaining go out of the window. Cringing is not an option. it is mere stupidity. Seems so foolish to be grumbling over a broken heart. What misery do we know. The world we live in is in fact a a far better place than the mythical paradise. All it take sis a dash of positivity. That's all it takes to make it greener. To make it more lovable. bestowed with the ability to love. Why not use it to maximum. A deep breath I take as I write, makes me feel free, feel fresh. aloof of all miseries and shortcomings those seemed so acute, just moments ago. Every individual that you pass by. Why don't you smile.. :)? A beautiful countenance is none but the one with the brightest smile. How much love there is to offer in this world. Smile people smile.

    The wondrous events unfolding around us. The many little poems on childhood remind you of the days gone by. One when the little drop of rain glimmering through the rainy hazy window would bring cheer. The ability to wonder, to be happy for the smallest of things is the biggest blessing one could receive. At times it feels people come near you only to open up. To share their heartfelt love. Isn't the world beautiful. For every thought of love and vibrance, there comes a springing horde of cynics to weed it out. All you need to do is bless them. And truly mean it. To mean good for others is truly a tough task. But it isn't impossible at all. Ignore the bad, for it is nothing but misguided thought. All it takes is a moment. As in the movie-'The Vow' you hear of the 'moments of impact'. It is these millions and zillions of moments which sum up to build the wondrous monument people call life. To control anger is the toughest of all. It springs into action, uncalled for. it is very easy to talk of anger management and other such paraphernalia. but it is difficult. Because anger is a raw emotion, as raw as love. Yes, it isn't different from love, for it is felt intensely too. Let those dreams of happiness come true. I am trying, let us all try too. To be happy and to forgive. Not easy it is but neither impossible too... :D

Monday, 14 April 2014

Ending your life?

Ending it up. Taking up your life. Seems the only option left at times. The easiest one. Isn't it? When you feel cornered, all alone. When the smallest of comments tick you. Nobody cares. But is it so? Is it so easy to give up the thing, the gift of life. To leave this abode for some unknown destination. Not thinking clearly is the reason at times. The moments. The moments define your life. Let them pass. The moments if trepidation. It seems hopeless and mindless to live on. It is so easy to give up. The friends who once seemed clos and a support seems distant and hostile. The bleary worls comes rushing in to devour you. But for a moment, take a deep breath. Let it out. The feeling subsides. Try it. Now is he moment. All troubles, however great seem insignificant when you weigh it against the fact that you are alive. This very moment a heart beats in your rib cage. Beating hard and fast. Every whiff of air that goes inside your lungs. Feel it. Feel the process that keeps you alive and kicking. You simply have no right to snuff it out. No right to end it. No matter how desperate you get. It is not an option.
Think of your parents, yiur lil brother or the elder sister. The one who tied you a rakhi or the lil one clings on to you. The sun rising every day without fail. The birds that chirp out their heart. The scurrying rabit. Everything that is alive. All needs to be acknowledged. Your life isn't solely yours to take at all. The things people say are mere manifestations of their own lives. It would be pretty tough to think of such things when you are down. Very tough in fact. But it matters. To a person, to a person iut in the world who cares. There is so much more in life left to explore. The clear bkue sky. The clear water. The wide world is so large. One's existence seems so unique yet insignificant in the dynamics of this universe. Think twice. Think if it is worth it. To not be able to experience all the beauty there is to offer in this world. All the things that occur in your life. The feeling of being alive in this body wouldn't be anymore. To even think of it is dreadful. All this seems apt but it isn't so. It takes simple thought. A pause, this is the most important thing everywhere. To take a pause at times, ponder and then act. Life is precious. Not to be given up or taken away at will. Live it till it lasts. Live it to the fullest. For you. To somebody, to everybody, realise it and live on...


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Life takes a turn..

Life goes on, never stopping. Throwing surprises and shockers at every single step. Something new, unknown awaits at every juncture. At times when you recover from a throw, it puts up another one, right in the face. To kick the breath out of you. These suppositions and ideas seem negative almost cynical. But when one actually lives through such harrowing experiences, it is only then one realises the impact it has on our psyche. The humungous impression it leaves behind. It all seems a huge joke to be a part of this great play. The master playwright truly quoted, "All worlds' a stage". Events seem scripted. Yet logic is supposed to take preference. To hide your emotions and thoughts and to be a logical worker is the ideal solution on many a occasion. When you feel that, one shouldn't be cringing you get perfect opportunity to do so. Stiffling true thoughts, is that a way out? To be reserved yet logical? There comes a time when logic fails. When a cruel deja vĂș plays over and again. The characters change but the script remains the same.
The easiest thing, is to open that preaching mouth and preach away. In actuallity how difficult it is to be on a positive page,when the genre playing out is parody. A cruel joke, a prank is all you can call it. Where there is no,one to blame. Neither you, nor the other person. It just happens to be the situation. " Once bitten twice shy" they say. The cold facade that covers many a hearts is a result of repetitive attacks on the innocent thoughts of the mind. Where to seek? They say look within. Within? What is it? A mere word. Its depressing and jarring to the mind. To be at the wrong end of a bad event. Again it is relative. Nothing is absolute. A master diplomat could interpret a situation to his own ends. Why is it so unfair? The mind screans out in frustration. Yet its only the empty skull walls those resonate.
Some situations turn wheels of change. A sudden sharp change. A discontinuity in the graph of life. Derive the positive they say. Surely its not an impossible task. Ofcourse not. But it is that peculiar instant that matters. Normal humans are at the prey of wanton emotions at that moment. The sudden information is too much to take in. The uncontrolled flow of events is frightening. The feeling to be able to share it, clamours. It rings a bell, a high shrill bell in the reccesses of the vast abyss. It is here when one should realise, that we are alone. It is a relief to share a sorrow but the fact remains. Lets face it. Lets not be the pawns of logic at all times. Questions shall remain unanswered. Yes! Life sometimes is very unfair. Too unfair to bear. But face it. Its our life. Nobody else's live it. Live it, fill it with true emotions. With thoughts. You might be crushed but only to be hurt. To feel defeated. Still it stays, let them flow. Smile and wait. Live it for its yours.