Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Life takes a turn..

Life goes on, never stopping. Throwing surprises and shockers at every single step. Something new, unknown awaits at every juncture. At times when you recover from a throw, it puts up another one, right in the face. To kick the breath out of you. These suppositions and ideas seem negative almost cynical. But when one actually lives through such harrowing experiences, it is only then one realises the impact it has on our psyche. The humungous impression it leaves behind. It all seems a huge joke to be a part of this great play. The master playwright truly quoted, "All worlds' a stage". Events seem scripted. Yet logic is supposed to take preference. To hide your emotions and thoughts and to be a logical worker is the ideal solution on many a occasion. When you feel that, one shouldn't be cringing you get perfect opportunity to do so. Stiffling true thoughts, is that a way out? To be reserved yet logical? There comes a time when logic fails. When a cruel deja vĂș plays over and again. The characters change but the script remains the same.
The easiest thing, is to open that preaching mouth and preach away. In actuallity how difficult it is to be on a positive page,when the genre playing out is parody. A cruel joke, a prank is all you can call it. Where there is no,one to blame. Neither you, nor the other person. It just happens to be the situation. " Once bitten twice shy" they say. The cold facade that covers many a hearts is a result of repetitive attacks on the innocent thoughts of the mind. Where to seek? They say look within. Within? What is it? A mere word. Its depressing and jarring to the mind. To be at the wrong end of a bad event. Again it is relative. Nothing is absolute. A master diplomat could interpret a situation to his own ends. Why is it so unfair? The mind screans out in frustration. Yet its only the empty skull walls those resonate.
Some situations turn wheels of change. A sudden sharp change. A discontinuity in the graph of life. Derive the positive they say. Surely its not an impossible task. Ofcourse not. But it is that peculiar instant that matters. Normal humans are at the prey of wanton emotions at that moment. The sudden information is too much to take in. The uncontrolled flow of events is frightening. The feeling to be able to share it, clamours. It rings a bell, a high shrill bell in the reccesses of the vast abyss. It is here when one should realise, that we are alone. It is a relief to share a sorrow but the fact remains. Lets face it. Lets not be the pawns of logic at all times. Questions shall remain unanswered. Yes! Life sometimes is very unfair. Too unfair to bear. But face it. Its our life. Nobody else's live it. Live it, fill it with true emotions. With thoughts. You might be crushed but only to be hurt. To feel defeated. Still it stays, let them flow. Smile and wait. Live it for its yours.