Monday, 9 September 2013

Letter to GOD

Dear God,
         Hope this letter finds you in good health. Had debated quite a lot on whether to make this a formal or an informal one. But then decided on an informal letter. I do know that you are super busy. Thought that you might not even open my letter. Ha! but always keep trying they say. So this letter is nothing but what I wanted to say and I hope that you hear me out.
       I do not know how you look, but you might be soo... old. I heard many say that it was you who made this world. You are the one who makes those tiny leaves sway or make my heart beat. You seem to be powerful. So many questions arise about you. There are so many things, I want to talk to you about. I'll limit myself though. Aren't you the one who made us so diverse. But God this diversity of yours is troubling us so much. It was so nice of you to make each one of us unique. Sadly though, we all here run the same race. All my friends are superb. Everybody has something unique. But even then we all sit under the same tree. I do not understand what do you have in your mind. At times you seems so real and kind, but at times  you seem absent, somewhere very far away. What are you? I think you might not be a real person or a super human. You are the order. May be the same order that has kept the clock ticking. Sometimes when I visit some famous temples there are such humungous lines of devotees to put forth their complaints, wishes, orders and even bribes to you. And hey they bribe you. Don't they? Aren't you tempted when people say that they'll do 'something' if you grant them something?
   Ohh I wish if they would realise that you never interefere in their lives. Aren't we the ones who create our own future by our thoughts? Please God do make them understand. How inhuman it is to kill a fellow human being. Why do they not understand? God I wouldn't ask anything from you. For you have already given me more than enough. But please give us all the power to do something. It is not that I have lost hope. Beacause it is hope that has kept us alive for so ling. Teach me faith. Spread love and bless this innocent world of yours. For we live in a fog. Take care...
                                                                                Yours lovingly,


A crush

Confused, is the word for my mind right now,
Thoughts swirl about yet do not settle don't know how.

The person I haven't even talked to even smiled at,
How can she take over all the space like a spoilt brat.

Its just me sway, many a ones in the sway,
At times it seems wise enough to keep thoughts away.

But the smallest of glimpse or the liltest of thought,
Unsettles, rattles, battles like a petal in a storm caught.

Waste of time, distraction, are the phrases they use,
All set aside yet the innocence of my thoughts a ruse?

Why do they not understand, how it is to leave the ground,
Fly about in the winds of love and have those words all around.

Can't put it to words nor approach her, yet a hope stays,
Wishing for that something to happen someday before we part ways.

Beauty in the eyes of the looker, some say it is not,
Rather not, but if it crosses the lines wars were fought.

All just many a supposition and a silly proposition it is,
Time will fly by so soon that this moment would just be a whiz.

Heart beats at its pace yet as she nears gains a rush
Not some fishy stuff but wouldn't she ever know bout the li'l crush?