Saturday, 29 August 2015

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.. :)

              The day when your news feed crops up chocolate brands  and videos on the pristine bond of a brother and a sister. The hostel is abuzz with a range of emotions. Some pestering the guard for not notifying them about the postman's visit while some locked in their rooms for the fear of being 'bhai'-zoned. The times when you read a nostalgic post and hear dreamy conversations over the phone. Its wonderful to hear of anecdotes your friends have to share about this very relation. Those well-made videos make you a bit weep on the inside. For its a different day for ones not having had their share of childhood fun with their own sisters. A day when perhaps you are reminded of the blank space against the sibling field. This is post is not to be moppy on this day, but a post of gratitude for those who never let you feel alone on this day.

               For those who give you means to brag over the number of 'rakhis' on your wrist. A different view when you think of, for you do not have many memories to tap into. Yet a heartfelt thank you to those for whom you would roll up your sleeves and be protective about. For those lovely sisters whose tears would hurt harder than a blow. For times when you have a shoulder to cry upon. For times to trouble and have a never ending conversation. A token of love and a basketful of blessings for those wonder women who are forever there. For there are things beyond the friend-zone. For those who you willingly and proudly step into the bro-zone.. A day when you think of days past and times sheepishly guilty for having troubled them a lot.. Its a great blessing to have had an equal share of dotting elder sisters and adorable younger ones.. For some bonds are thicker than blood deemed them to be. This post is also for the 'n' minus 1 sisters we pledged for in schools. For the childish fear of your crush waiting for you with a rakhi. This is for the unending love they have in store for you.. The confessions and pranks equally forgiven. A day to stop and reach out to all those amazing sisters and have a word or two.. For you hardly realise how fortunate you are.. For there's hardly a bond purer than that of a brother and a sister. A big thank you to all of them for being there and loads and loads of wishes and love..A Happy Rakshabandhan...

Friday, 28 August 2015


All eyes stare blank and hard,
Efforts just to decorate life in a shard.

Taking care not to cross paths drawn,
Blurry eyes shunned, stifled many a yawn.

Square boundaries drawn in union here,
Break neck speed and competing with a leer.

Circles of society to enter against will,
Clashes and alliances become a dreary drill.

Decisions made in the blink of an eye,
Words but futile hurled, for want of a try.

Safe and secure your next day ought to be,
Farces valued and not the dreams you often see.

Shepherded over the hill of mediocrity,
Discarded in ruins below lie the genuinely witty.

And through these ashes rise the worthy few,
Climbing, trekking the slopes waiting to start anew.

Life's more subtle perhaps than some make,
Live through the downs and the ups are then to take.

Sunday, 16 August 2015


    A state where nobody wishes to be. All fuzzy and dizzy. A time where you are required to decide. To decide what you need to do with life. Life gives you a plethora of options. A string of roads lay wide open ahead of you. Ones walking along leave you at crossroads and keep walking on ways of their own. Every road with its own perks and pitfalls. Tempted to follow any one of the horde down any one of those paths, you stay back. The 'society' expects you decide added to the pressure your brain imposes, imperceptible yet relevant. 
     How do you decide? Confused and a tinge of nervous fear is how you could be described as. Assumptions and baseless predictions on each of the crossroads add to the furore. Lazing away and not daring to take risks and think beyond the realms of predefined pastures of being successful. One of the paths tugs deeply at your heart. Calling you, but most risky of all. Requiring you to abandon all your current pursuits. To shun the security of what is mundane and guaranteed to plunge into the unknown. Time is of essence, Forcing you to decide and decide as soon as possible. You need help. And as they say - "Help shall always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it". All you need to do is ask..