Monday, 28 March 2016

The Chase.. A story..

  The chase was on. He was on the run for the last two days. Continuously on his way further from his pursuers. He had barely managed to give them a miss. Two days without a respite. The running was never an issue. He had run from the things in life for ever. The targets leading to the next in line. The chase was taking a toll on him mentally. He could hear their cries strangely distant, beseeching him to stop, to return. No he wouldn't now. He was finally free from them. They didn't matter. He kept running tirelessly yet could hardly seem to get anywhere. It felt he was simply circling the same area over and again. It was an endless loop and yet the pursuers seemed close enough.

    They had always missed him by a flicker. He ran till his legs could carry. And that was a surprise for he wasn't tired. Nor was he hungry. Hunger, sleep all had vanished in the shadow of fear. It was the fear of getting caught that was keeping him going. The cries of the pursuers were becoming intense every passing moment. Somehow genuinely calling him. For a moment he was almost tempted to stop and turn to face them and go back to the monotony of the drudged life they would make him live. In the distance he could now see a crowd gathering. Maybe if he managed to mix into the crowd the pursuers would give up and leave him alone. The crowd was closer now. Something was wrong with the crowd. The pursuers, he couldn't hear them any longer. They had stopped calling for him. He heaved a sigh of relief as now he knew he was free from their clutches. He could now  be as he had always wanted to be. His curiosity got the better of him as he decided to go over to the crowd. The chase was over finally.. The pursuers had given up on him. And there it was. He stopped running and it  all came rushing back again.
    The pursuers were all around him in the crowd. Suddenly the chanting the cries for him to come back were louder, sharper. He was done now. Now they would catch him and he would have to go back to his old days and way of life. He could as well give up now. he drooped his way to the centre of the crowd to surrender to the fate his pursuers had in mind for him. Any moment the pursuers would come crashing into him, calling out his name to take him back. He opened his eyes to see what was wrong. And he did.. He now could comprehend why he was no longer hungry as he saw himself being lowered into a box as the marker beside read his name with the engraved..
"Rest In Peace..."

Sunday, 13 March 2016

The Eternal Ephemerality of Moments

 The transient life that flows all around and the moments sprinkled in this montage of time make one wonder about the little joys and the tinges of sorrow tangled in this web. The timeless beauty of moments we let sink in and affect the very foundations of the lives we lead. Every one writing his or her own story flipping through the pages at a pace unknown to the writer. The words marked upon with a permanence unavoidable by the mightiest. The moments that find their niches in this tapestry laid out for one to create, have their own way of touching lives. Some find mentions, some chapters in the book of moments of others. Finding their way to their hearts and some staying beyond the short lived phases and phrases of memories. Time flows by on its own never-changing pace while one treads around collecting snapshots of frozen time. The moments that linger on the edges of the deep abyss of the mind. The moments hidden deep away in the recesses while some lost in the crowd of newer ones. They all stay, some forgotten with the passage of time while some purposely smothered beyond granite walls of ignorance. 

    The moments that add up to finally balance this ledger of life. The additions and the subtractions multiply in intensity while you try to divide the good ones from the bad. Yet you find no defined boundaries and a hazy mix at the edges where all merge. The moments which light up your face with a smile to last and the ones which for no reason moisten your eyes. The moments of solitude which have none but yourself for company, yet manage to crowd their way in the times of silence. The moments which breathe and live a life in your heart waiting to take over and hit you with a dash of nostalgia.. The moments which last a blink yet affect you forever.. These many moments treasured away in every heart.. living yet lived once..