Friday, 22 April 2016

Aware of what you say

  Every day we come across people who are a part of our life. Talking to them is a part and parcel of our lives. Mighty powerful are those often neglected words we say. The words and phrases stringed together in the thread of emotions lying underneath them. Faster than an arrow they zoom past and reach the target. If only we keep a thought on hand every time we speak. True that one ought to say whatever the heart feels. To have no inhibitions about anything and be open about what we want to say. Pause here for a while and realise that what we say matters. 
  It matters to and affects the people around us. The ones we speak to. The one whom we don' t usually mind or consider before letting lose from our quiver of arrows. The words we say the talks we have have at times an ever lasting effect on the ones around us. To just pause a bit before we let lose. To think about what we say helps in the long run. You never know when will you ever see or meet the person you are talking to in this moment. To realise the value of this very moment and be aware of what you speak. For words posses power. Immense power to create and to destroy. There are believers in the concept of ' to hell with the world ' . To just be free and speak out with no consideration or to give a penny for thoughts before one talks. Myriad personas exist because of the myriad opinions we carry along wherever we go. That's the beauty of life. But to realise the very basic that a simple thought before we talk goes a long way in being constructive. Why be destructive when you can contribute to being constructive...

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

When in doubt..

            There come times in life when we feel surrounded by the worst of adversities and nothing ever goes right. Every action of ours seems misinterpreted and always results in some disasters. The worst of feelings when the world seems so unfair and all we do just seems to go wrong. These days test us and the strength of our character. The true power which comes from a single source called 'faith'. The only remedy to the monster we created in the expanse of our mind 'self-doubt'. When you feel like no one can understand what you are going through and do not feel like interacting with the human world. Even the ones who care and the ones who matter seem insignificant and just another unbalanced variable in the already messed up equation of life. Why is that all we do ends up in shambles. Is it that we don't deserve to succeed? Is it that we are just not up to the mark that we always thought we were at. The self imposed critical thought that immersing in some activity which will distract and may help us keep the bygones and their appendages at bay atleast for a while. To strive to just stay alone and aloof from the distractions that life presents us. A world of being severely critical of all our actions past and present. A big question mark that hounds our dreams waking and sleeping which doesn't let us rest.

                The question mark on the ideas and principles which were supposedly true all this while seem distantly unreal. Then our mind decides on a path it has chalked out as a reaction and not a response to the situation we have found ourselves in. The reaction seems completely logical and right to us in the heat of the moment. Maybe it even succeeds in temporarily easing out the emptiness which lies inside. But then do we remember that in the process that our actions affect us first the most in a good or a bad way but also have repercussions to the people who have always been around and believed in us. It seems illogical of them to behave the way they do. Our mind is truly is a masterpiece and finds out or in fact even cooks up a proper explanation for our actions which justifies it in our scope. And thus we start our lonely walk on the path of supposed self-redemption. Its tough to believe or even pay an ounce of attention to what someone says and feels the right thing to do. Its truly said that one should follow what our heart says. The inner voice, the instinct. But a reaction to an event which leaves us bamboozled may not always be the right one. Again its a topic for relative conclusions. On a general note reactions more often than not are either inflammatory or seclusive. Both the extremes only could end up in a decision which could affect many a things to come. The only thing which helps at such times to just take a deep breath.. A couple more if you will.. To close your eyes and be aware of all sorts of responses to the situation we are in. To realize that it is truly true that no situation in life is ever impossible to be sorted. May be it is complex and tough for others to understand but life moves on, teaching you lessons on the way. The faith in ourselves need not be affected by any outer events. 
   Its all easier said than done. Its easy to sit in a room with a lappy in front of you and type our sermons. Trust me it is the first step which takes you beyond the threshold and the comfort zones of mediocrity. To have a faith in the infinite prowess you posses and the unseemly solutions which pop up for you as an effect of directed efforts and grit. To be aware that all we see in this world is nothing but a reaction of people and things to the situations they are in. Nothing is personal but a lesson to be learnt at every step, only if we observe and learn. Life's too short to waste it in running away and breaking away from things and living in seclusion from the real facets. To be ready and responsive and not reactive.... As someone truly said...
'Life may not be fair, but it does give you your share of fair opportunities'
Just have faith and grab them and live to fullest with nothing but good intentions at heart for all.. Cheers have an amazing day. 

Friday, 8 April 2016

The Shoulder.. A story

                          The boy to his place by the window of the kindergarten classroom as usual, waiting for him to come. Today was the parent- teacher's meet. All had arrived by now in tow with their parents. The teacher called out his name but he could have hardly heard. The boy's eyes word transfixed at the school gate which was the only thing which he could see through the window. His father would come today. He knew, at least today, he had to. His dad had promised him that he would come this time. The meet had started. In the background make out the sounds of his friends chirping loudly around the parents. Showing them the handcrafted little project they had made overtime. A single tear drop rolled past his chubby cheeks to wet the paper he clutched. He was going to give it to his dad. A picture of them standing by the crooked little red house while the almost circular sun smiled over them. The parents were now talking with his teacher turn by turn while the teacher gave each of them a toffee and