Tuesday, 26 February 2013

♦ ...The Best gift... ♦

                  Akshit sat alone in the group of classmates cracking jokes in the lunch break. Smart, studious and solemn were the 3 'S' which  could describe Akshit very well. College wasn't quite different from the previous school he had attended. It was a change nevertheless, with a lot more freedom( though according to many it wasn't enough). New faces to acquaint with.It had been just a week since he had failed yet again to gauge a true friend. When it seemed all was going to be all right and perfect. A friend he had considered who would have almost been his best. Akshit didn't understand whose fault was it actually. Now the same boy was an unfamiliar entity though they shared the same bench. Studies, Stories and sketched [ again there 'S' ;) ] took up most of his time. As every well-minded person wishes to have that very best friend to confide all your thoughts and secrets, the same was what Akshit wished for.
                He might have won quite a few laurels but he considered himself a complete failure when it came to making friends. Every time he had to face what you call as back stabbing. Akshit was now hence reluctant to open up to anyone. Outwardly it was quite different. But the monster of loneliness was erupting within. That lunch break was all but ordinary. Just as he was moving out of the classroom as always alone, to stand out in the corridor to ponder in a pensive mood, he heard a voice, a silvery voice, the most beautiful one he had ever heard, call his name. Akshit traced back his steps and saw the girl. Ah! yup she was the one. He had tried many times to start a conversation but had failed miserably. She was alone too, quite strange. Without her group of gigglers. Not that they were evil. They were just... a zillion time cooler than him. Giving speeches in front of the entire college was damn easier than talking to a girl. Especially if it was Her. The girl offered him her tiffin. Oh! that was something new. And there it came, nervousness as he took a slice of the wonderfully made paratha. Manners Akshit!!, Manners! his brain was screaming. But he was too dumbfounded for that.. It was always the same. Every time he had talking to her it was the same. Every time he had tried it was the same fumbling for words and ending up making a fool of himself. She smiled.. And there He melted. As he managed a facial expression which you could pass of for a smile. He went on his was but his thoughts stayed behind with Her.
                It wasn't that he hadn't had a crush previously. But yea.. it was a sad story, to see the other girl previously whaling away... Better not tune into Devdas mode. The day passed in a dizzy. And as the college dispersed his nervous conscience finally coaxed him to approach the Girl. He had planned out to say a many things. To try and make an impression. But what he managed was all but.. "The tiffin was awesome. " The girl again smiled, this time with a hint of maybe a slight nervousness. OH! there it was.. And Akshit used to think it was only he who was nervous. And as they talked, so easily... There were sown the seeds of the best ever friendships one could ever see. The relation that bloomed was pristine with a common emotion of true friendship. Finally Akshit had found her. Not just a friend. The best ever one could ever have. May be God had kept her hidden away just waiting for the RIGHT TIME.... ;) 

Friday, 22 February 2013

The noose.♦‼

     The noose that hangs around the culprit is often misrepresented. The hangman is misjudged. The place of carrying out a death sentence is regarded with the utmost emotion of disgust. The question of passing a death sentence and actually carrying it out is debated hotly on. And seeing the recent penalties being carrying out at a surprisingly fast rate, this debate comes to the forefront. Various significant or insignificant personas have expressed their so called expert opinion on this very topic. Following is a trial at representing both the views.
   The modern human ideology has seemingly become more civilized than a few centuries ago. The human right activists are often found clamouring for human rights. Animal rights have rightfully found their way to the main picture. The governing bodies now have to rethink their proposals and strategies before presenting them to the masses. The have to reconsider and give a proper professional thought to their pronouncements. The expanse of media and the fiery nature of news channels have truly tried to maintain a leash on the authorities, which so far have been incumbent. Hence the moral right activists truly proclaim their righteous stand against the DEATH SENTENCE. They ask for its repeal. The United Nations have pleaded to countries which still have capital punishment as a medium of dispensing justice or rather avenging it. The culprits have ample of time to live their life of luxury (all of course financially borne by the esteemed government treasury). The process of passing the death sentence is quite a lengthy even by Indian judicial standards. The pronouncing of a death sentence byt the apex court is mostly followed by the MERCY petition to the Honorable president of the nation. Thus accordingly we as do not posses the official right to carry out the process of death on a fellow Homo Sapiens species. Thus as this view says the death punishment is quite harsh.
   Given all the human limitations and moral responsibilities. I still have enough faith in the Indian Judiciary that the Death sentence isn't passed lightly.It is only in heinous crimes such a sentence is passed. The death sentence is in fact a gruesome act. Another route here makes the wrongdoers martyrs for some. The impact of a capital punishment is very great. So any statement in this concept is quite heavy. Logically sound minds and those who are well versed in this topic should somehow come to a amicable solution. As it is a topic of national importance. Hopefully we find some wise ears.(for the matter a good pair of eyes and an internet connection too).


Millions of voices clamouring in your head to be heard,
Each seem true and righteous as the innocent bird.

The voices become sharper and vivid in definition,
All wanting to lead you or preach you their own vision.

The tiny thoughts of indecision sprinkle weeds in your farm,
Appeasing one and all causes nothing. nothing but harm.

The wrinkled brow and the thinking frown,
Say it all how troubling its to wear the cursed crown.

You stand at crossroads deciding which way to go,
when all pull you equally simply stand up and say no.

If only it was so easy to refuse one and all,
Without caring of their thoughts big or small.

No it isn't an easy puzzle to find your way out,
But in the end its you who has to survive this boxing bout.

They say you came alone and you'll go alone,
False it is I Say for all remains nothings gone.

Friends come in all varieties with tags abundant,
Yet in this chaos there is the one resplendent.

Make your aim to find that one who will never leave,
The one in all maximas and minimas passing every sieve.

While you walk towards your beloved dream,
Spare a thought for the road and the directing beam.

All I say is find a way through this muddle,
Think big stop slushing and come out of your own little puddle!!..

Thursday, 21 February 2013

◘§...The ivory box...§◘

               The boy ran holding the ivory box close to his chest. Running on bare legs was nothing new for the boy. When two square meals a day was considered a luxury, bare feet were quite common place. The vagabonds of the area had finally set their mean eyes on the boy. It was for two years the boy had succeeded in hiding away the ivory box during the night time scavenge raids. Quite an accomplishment it was given the situation they lived in. The box itself exuded a glimmer of something priceless. It had an intricately carved exterior inlaid with shining jewels forming a rivulet over it. It was of course locked, you don't expect such things to be open all the time. Another pang of hunger shot at the boy's stomach. The frail physique indicated the lack of nutrition. Again a common characteristic.
          The box had been with the boy since a time even he couldn't remember. It was as natural as his own existence. Orphaned at birth, poor, frail, lonely and all such paraphernalia of adjectives were the only other heirlooms the boy could boast of. the eerie moon splashed the tarred road with a stream of silver light.  The boy was finally at the extreme of human endurance. He had been on the run for a couple of nights finding his way in the desolate city they called Khlameen. Khlameen was by far the haunted cities of the year 2178. With an Armageddon a century ago the Homo Sapiens had been almost wiped off. It was the doom for this race which now had only 100 individuals. All had changed. Water was something which you could validly kill for. The source of food if you could call it food was the scraps left over by the near extinct race a century ago. Animal meat was abundant yet tainted by the remains of the radiations of the spectacular nuclear explosion. The boy dived out of the tarred road and stumbled on to a ruin. It was quite unfamiliar, at the very edge of Khlameen. The structure was one the boy had never seen. A few steps and an oblong metal structure hanging from the ceiling. At the far end seemed another small room with an outline of a person standing still in it. Hope sprang like a nimble cat in the boy's heart as he made his way towards the sanctum. It was impossible to find a Homo sapien at the vicinity of Khlameen. Where all hope vanished into an abyss. There were just a 100 left on this cursed planet.
         The boy clutched his ivory box. The world seemed to spin in a dizzy. His feet felt wobbly. A sarcastic grin sparked the boy's famished face. Finally it was coming to him, hunger clutching his insides beckoning IT. The boy grasped at the metal structure for support and the structure rang. Like a bell. The gong pierced the dead silence. The boy stumbled towards the person in the room with open arms, free of suspicion only acceptance in his soul. As the outline cleared he saw the person wasn't moving at all, strange. What was it! The person seemed so lifelike yet supernatural. Oh! it was all but a statue and yet again all Hope spilled from the boy as did the ivory box. The boy fell in a swoon at the statue's feet with the box tumbling in.Crack it sounded as the box opened and out fell a strange thing.... A flower at the feet of the statue. And that was how the census Khlameen went from 1000 to 999....!


When the time finally comes rushing to you..
All you can do is but to say adieu.

The memories of the days gone by and far
Tickle your heart or may hurt a scar.

The time is ripe and the people are moving by
Many come and many go but how many in your sky.

The stars shimmer, the silver moon glistens
At a time when all speak but none listens.

Your mind wants to say many a things 
But yes they say fly away don't you wait on your wings.

Fate, Destiny whatever you may call it now
But are you sure you will meet again somehow.

Some say good bye from their heart some riddance from the brain
All you can do now is just wish and wish to be together again

Oh but now it is a time of held back tears and a frown
Let them go, who knows one of them might be your pretty little crown..

◄↔The Night↔►

The wind blows a whistle
Stars shimmer as a drizzle

The boaty cloud high and proud
Covers the moon in a shroud

Yet the silver finds a way 
Through the breaches in the sway

Somewhere far the owl hoots
While a kid reads bout mystery and loots

Then comes calling a lofty dream
To take you away or make you scream

Magic and wizards run abode
Here's where the great and mighty trode

Where the greatest of ideas poured from
Always a hope whatever may come