Wednesday, 30 May 2012

How do i feel of the west

As mentioned time and again I am a great fan of books. But when I saw a little deeper into my book lists and the authors that I have read I was surprised to find a majority of the authors to be European. My favourite being J.K. Rowling, then comes Sir Arthur conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Michael scott, Rick riordion (not european), Dan brown, and the list is always varying except for the first name. Why do I feel drawn towards the west authors and when there is quite a legacy of Great authors in my country India. When I think a bit more I do understand that may be I have not yet come in contact of any Indian book which could truly touch me except of course my all time favourite by Mrs. Sudha Murthy. It feels sometimes guilty to not have read a lot of Indian books. Truly its is a bit reddening but fact is a fact and I hardly try to deviate from the facts.
 I got the answer finally, quoting a proverb " the grass is always greener on the other side ". May be this is the only reason.. Yes may be it is so. But truly any passionate reader will not deny the fact that the old world charm that emergeres out of the writings of Sir doyle and Madame agathe christie is superb and enchanting.
  The books are finally nothing but the thoughts of an author personified.. I read this line on a navneet notebook which is so true " Books are like landscapes varying with the state of consciousness of the reader "
  So now the guilt recedes when i realize we all are the children of a singular entity. There is no such thing as West or East. or for the matter north or south. At least in literature.... :P

Monday, 28 May 2012

A story written entirely by me.. ORIGINAL

             A sunny morning in the town of Velpan. Kshitij was up early as usual. His best friend Ric the dog was following him, sometimes jumping, sometimes sprinting, all the time wagging its tail, full of happiness. Kshitij had taken his small box of snacks and his favourite water bottle. Daily he would go to the meadows a little distance from Velpan.
             The birds chirped as they woke up from a deep slumber of the day before. The clouds were fluffy like cotton candy and the sun a bright yellow ball smiling down on Kshitij and Ric. After walking for a little while Kshitij decided to camp out on the small puny hillock ahead of him. A huge Banyan tree stood there wide and mighty like a grandfather guarding his grandson.Kshitij spread out his favourite sheet and unpacked the snacks. Ric was leaping around and barking with joy. A little while later Kshitij felt drowsy and sleepy, having filled his tummy. The cool shade of the banyan tree was quite soothing. His lunch basket lay half filled. Kshitij thought of having a nap and then finishing the lunch later on. Sleep overtook his eyes and within seconds kshitij was fast asleep. The birds chirruped him unto a lullaby and how pleasing was the sight of the little kid curled under the banyan tree contentment and bliss over his innocent sleeping face.
           But suddenly KShitij woke up with a jolt. Rubbing his sleepy eyes he saw around himself . To his surprise, the lunch basket had vanished. Ric was nowhere to be seen. Kshitij was quite a brave lad. He quickly got up whistled his favourite tune calling out for Ric. All of a sudden Ric came bounding down from the edge of the woods. KShitij hugged him and ruffled his fur. Ric was barking eagerly. Kshitij now wanted to find who had stolen his lunch basket
         He told Ric to sniff around and find the scent of the lunch basket. At once became alert and started trudging towards the woods Kshitij followed him, though he was feeling a bit afraid. Ric led him right into the heart of the woods. What a surprise lay for him there. There was a small hut inside these very woods. Mustering courage Kshitij shouted, "Who took my lunch basket? Come and return it else Ric will come and bite you." After a few moments he saw a boy of about his age come out from the hut. He was wearing ragged clothes and had nothing on his feet. Kshitij was dumbfounded to see his lunch basket with the little boy. HE approached him and asked, " Who are you and why did you take my basket away?"
       The boy started sobbing and said. " I am Sumer and I was very hungry. Please forgive me, I haven't eaten anything yet. I was going to return this basket". Kshitij felt sad seeing the frail boy. HE took him to the meadows and gave him half of the remaining snacks. The boy was mighty pleased and ate away ravenously. Kshitij then played a while with Sumer and enjoyed to his heart's content. Thus they became friends and this friendship remember came out of generous yet innocent heart and a open mind. So as always just be open to new thoughts and enjoy your life.

Life so good if we  look at it through different angle... but how to find that angle paralax... In my life.. i like rading books.. they realy give me a sense of fulfillment... its a good addiction.. how one can lose oneself in the myriad blessings of life... we have to look at the brighter side always...... Why did we make life complicated? Why cant we just get up and Live as we wish?.. Do we really need this thing called science.... Its wonderful ofcourse but just look at the cons.... if life was as simple as a copule and half millenia ago.... how content we would be...

India.. my country is still so connected with the cosmic life we ever stop to think...what is our eventual result...where shall we ende up...................... i just wish that we tap the treasurehouse of our mind and then glance thru those vivid eyes............
The academy award winning movie Hugo, watched it Ben Stiller does an awesome job in the movie. The cinematography is impeccable. I would recommend others to do watch it. I have watched and cherished a few select movies which could penetrate deep into my thoughts. I would surely like to put forth to all. They are:
  • Shala- a Marathi movie reminds something to all those who watch it.
  • Narnia voyage of the dawn treader- liked it for its visuals and the only movie to have come closest to the book.
  • Swades- my all time favourite. Every time I watch it, it is heartwarming and all the soundtracks and songs are touching forever.

Monday, 21 May 2012

why do i blog

Writing this blog i don't have any specific aims. Like many have of making money. I simply love to pour out myself and wait if any body out there on the WWW has an inclination to my thoughts and opinions and have the  grace of evaluating my thoughts. Till my junior college I wasn't interested in blogging but suddenly i found some blogs which are more than interesting.
 recently when I was reading Eight cousins for the second time i realised how beautiful the language of the author is. I have always had a liking for the old world charm of the books perhaps that is the reason that i have writers like Enid blyton, Agatha Christie, Alcott, Viktor Hugo and others in my small unorganised library. I always respect those who have a passion for reading, because reading makes you think a lot. I prompts u to action and never lets you down in time of need.
Every reader a true one of course must be familiar with the smell of a book which is so pleasing though it may sound weird to others. I really really love reading and wish to find others who do the same

Thursday, 10 May 2012

How I feel as a book lover

Books though many may deny are often the solace in times of despair and in delight.
Sifting through authors and books whose authors prefer to be anonymous have given me a lot. Though i guess very few would read this passage but it is the truth.
currently I am reading the Nicolas flamel series by michael scott. Yes a good book to read. I am surprised how i didn't come across it earlier. When my mad house hunt to find a good book was almost about to dwindle i found this book on a site called a heaven for those especially those who have recently finished a book series and are feeling lonely.

I surely know how depressing it is to end a loved book series but this series has given something to look forward too. Let's see what happens next.