Friday, 27 June 2014

Just (THeir Story- Part 2)

       Weird thing time is. Passes so slowly when you want it to rush by. He waited and waited for it come. And the day finally came. The rush of the wind as He stood by the train door and thought of the meet coming up soon. He got down and made his way to the place He and She were to meet. It had been some time since a meet in person.Dressed quite well. Finally He arrived. Nobody was there just him and a couple of stray cars idling around. Did she mock him? Was it a mockery as He had once considered? Ohh please let it be a mockery. Somewhere deep inside He wished it to be all false. He hoped She would not come. And then as His cell beeped, there it was, a message from Her-- "Where are you?".. He looked up and around, there She was coming along. The pink dress, you couldn't miss Her for sure. She saw Him too, standing or was it waiting? He didn't want to but yea He did- SMile.
   As she neared, He saw Her smile too. There was silence for a while nothing exchanged but smiles. But they didn't mean anything. Just unspoken nothings. yet a lot was said in that silence on the walk towards the cafe. It was empty nobody in there, just a couple of cafe workers. He led on the way to the seat by the window. There were three chairs in fact. One for Her, the second for Him and the third a reminder of the quiet longing of dismay that stood still between them. Why was there a tinge of regret for not bringing the rose He had almost brought? Wasn't it supposed to be cheesy? But nope, it didn't seem cheesy this time over. And now as they sat, there was no nervousness of previous times. She wondered too, why? Was it because perhaps she had moved on. And breaking the ice with an unconventional compliment from Her (supposedly to be expected from Him). She said. "You do still look great". ah. What was He supposed to say, just a smile sufficed. And they talked. Talked of the things that could have been.

     It wasn't a formal meet as supposed. Three years they had known one another. But yes as She said, didn't seem a long time since their first talk, courtesy Mark Zuckerberg. It seemed natural enough, the talk, the smiles, the laugh, and the occasional punch. 'Friends'- He and She had labelled their relation. It was just for fun He had asked Her. Were there no second chances? And it wasn't it fun She had answered Him -'No'. Why did the denial hurt Him? Maybe even Her? It was a sad fact. He had been a super talker. And it was Him who had talked her out and now couldn't talk her back in. It was just when the coffee arrived chilled She looked up. A couple of hours flew, and ohh believe me when I say flew. The ice cream too gulped down. Then all of a sudden He realised it was the moment. The moment of impact. Once you cross over, you cannot climb back. He took a look at the wristwatch, he was completely oblivious to for the last 2 hours and more. It was time. Time to get up. Time to not get involved further. She and He had a chance in the past. He blew it. But yet He had His reasons, She Her own. They left the cafe again the same silence as when they had entered. They walked, no selfies, no PJs, no crackers, just a walk back. She told him once, twice, thrice, to not go. But He knew, the label Friends wasn't quite completely true for Him now. He had to leave. The wait on the platform was one of the waits She wouldn't have wanted perhaps. They talked, maybe planning for a movie or so as friends. He and She and yet again there was nobody else. Again She said the same thing to Him, "wait, and don't go". It was ominous but somewhere deep it struck, it was late, but the was it fate? As He again stood by the train door rushing away. She fading in a blur of pink, He again cringed for not bringing up that that rose. And again as the narrator I say its unfair quite unfair..
            May be continued.. (hope not)..

Monday, 23 June 2014

Always correct


             This brain of ours is a myriad wonder. Many a mysteries lie hidden within its expanse. And amidst all its wonders lies a tact of being or seeming to be correct ALWAYS.. As humans we live our lives which is formed by zillions of acts. Little deeds or actions. We actually act on four levels.
1. Thoughts..
2. Wishes..
3. Words..
4. Actions..
      And for all of these right or wrong our myriad mind comes up with a justification. A proper justification which sounds perfectly valid within the confines of our brain. Every act of ours seems correct and well thought. Its is pretty difficult to find a person who thinks that's his actions are wrong. Call up the most wanted terrorists and even he will give you perfect reason for his actions . And more often than not you might be convinced. When Albert (of course Einstein) put forth his theory of relativity one can only wonder how perfectly it fits into this gear-work of this cosmos. Our actions might seem weird or unwarranted to the world outside but are perfectly reasoned in our mind.
      The best of the best people and the worst of the worst find themselves correct. 'Jack the ripper' the infamous serial killer who haunted the posh London streets had perfect logic for his killings which to the outside world were cold blooded and inhuman. There are many such examples and this is just one of them. In any argument both the parties are pretty sure of their statements and their validity. There is actually never a winner in such arguments and hence they deteriorate. That's the crux which needs to be pondered over. At any given time we just seem to be correct. But sadly it isn't so always. It just any individual thinking and giving a logic according the situation he has been put in based on his or her previous experiences. That in fact
  No body can be correct  "

     This mind of ours can convince us that we are correct. But its such a huge irony. If every person and his or her actions were correct then the world would have been a puzzle of paradox. And this makes it all the more risky. It all boils down to pretty simple question. Does it help? If it does help the people at large. Then it is probably the correct thing to do. GO on with it...

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Just (THeir Story- Part 1)

    Was it love? The damned thing people loved to term as love. No that wasn't possible. He was the one who had convinced Her that it was not meant to be. He was the one who had acted rude, just so as to push Her away. She hadn't though. She was still there, as beautiful as ever. He went into a flashback.
  Those were early college days. In fact the first one which had brought Her to His notice. No you couldn't deny it. She was beautiful. More than the normal ones at least. And not in the cheap 'double-look' way. He was attracted for sure. But she wasn't the only one then. If you are a guy, you would know it. You could at a particular given time have 'n' number of 'crushes' the flying ones indeed (include naomi watts, watson girl and so on.. ). And she was among them. Some called Him lonesome and even perhaps arrogant tending to rude. But you never know, He was a good guy indeed. He wasn't going to pursue Her or anybody in fact. Then the unimaginable happened. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, Him and Her started communicating. A lot in fact. Numbers were exchanged and that occasional call once in a while. Yet he was pretty much convinced that it was mere attraction. Almost a year passed and she confessed. And thats what was surprising and shocking. He at times even thought She was kidding for sure.
   Love cannot define it. But love was what she had said. He had dismissed it, perhaps He was scared. He had those assumptions which didn't quite match the scenario. He said NO. Yet she was adamant, she would wait. They were now not much in contact, all thanks to Him. He used all sorts of genius ideas right from faking some other girl to downright rude blocking. But in all this he knew he was doing something wrong. 
  A couple of years passed in a jiffy and somehow they were on talking terms again. But things were different now. That girl on the first day of college was now much more than what you could call beautiful. If it could get more it had. Ohh! It skipped His beat. He knew how selfish He was being. She now said that still there was the thing called 'love' and would always be. He panicked again. He talked her out again. He was quite a good talker you know. This time they were friends still. A happy period now, though it felt incomplete. He and she were poles apart, miles apart, ideologies apart, thoughts apart in there lives. Confused was  all He could dare to be now. He just didn't know what it is. But every glance made it tougher.

   Anyways they might meet for a talk soon. He doesn't know why is He waiting for that. Isn't it mere attraction? Does She. And Ohh this I say as the narrator, Its unfair. Nothing is meant to be fair after all.. 
                       ..To be continued......   

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

A thing to do when lost.

   The best thing to do when one feels lost and left out is perhaps to pause. To take a deep breath let it out and give out a smile. Give it out the best one you ever could have in packed away. Put it on display as you do to your trophies. Science and research says something about endorphins or other such hormones which are secreted when one smiles. Not much about that here but yes why do you need a reason to smile? The most natural thing to do.
  People walking down a lane usually when alone get conscious of their selves. At least I do at times. What do I do with my hands and stuff. But that's when I do smile. Passer bys have given me looks, the 'seems-s-a-maniac' look, potential-weirdo look. But if it feels good and makes me merrier, shouldn't I be doing it. More and more often. Personal observation led me to believe that smiling changes many a things like.
1. Gives those facial muscles a stretch.
2. Some fuzzy good warmth beneath and within.
3. Relaxes my shoulders.
4. Makes me aware how tensed I was with my body.
5. Dissolves many a depressing thought.
6. Looks good.
7. All the duckfaces seem less annoying.
8. Even random pictures get likes from me on fb.
9. Honestly feels better.
10. Genuine happiness, if there is.
11. More productivity and creativity in whatever I am about to do.
12. Its highly contagious.

   That's just a few of the many small yet essential changes that occur in me. And all that is responsible for those is a very simple and a easy thing called smile. People have written hundreds of books on their technique to be happy in life. But why not for a change think about why should we be happy. Many a things are relative. A particular situation might be responsible for a different and in fact contrasting responses from us. A day when we have had our share of smiles the irritating 'Candy crush' request might not seem so frustrating while on a day of frowns we might start planning ways to murder the 'request sender'. This is the difference. A smile more often than not goes a long way in deciding our reactions to the situations we are in. And as we all might agree that our reactions do matter, because they are prompt and sometimes we later regret them.
   Relations with individuals make or break depending on that very underrated thing called 'smile'... :). :D

Monday, 9 June 2014

Fact and Tact

Hard as it may seem its for the best,
To forget it, 'to let it got' as Demi says,
Trying not to think of it, give it a rest,
For each has a view of his own and million ways.

Seconds of joy and unbidden warmth might pass,
You wouldn't even notice these many moments,
Look around and smile even at the little blade of grass,
 The smell of home food cooking, wet soil and such scents.

People are running let them run forever in a hurry,
Laugh at you do they? let them do that,
Gossip, back talk is it so, chuck, its no worry,
Keeping your head high with not even a tiny spot.

Making losses on the path that leads here,
Its a part lets not cringe on it,
Words hurt my dear worse than a spear,
Use 'em wisely always not a useless bit.

Think of the things which you have on you,
Too many they are, making you lucky lot,
Complaining is the worst part take a cue,
For you are living, breathing, beating and not a bot.

Ask not for a change or simply hope,
It starts and ends with you always,
Think, ponder look around lots and lots of scope,
Let a axe strike and yet the leaf ever sways.

There is a lots to learn and lots to improve,
Promise your own self to have faith and act,
Forget the given niche and break the rigid groove,
Be open and fair and just without a tinge of tact.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Falling off it : A story

   A lovely evening it was. The sky was painted a dull shade of blue and grey with streaks of red and orange from the west. Avani looked through the window. Her workplace, 14th floor in a 25 floored building it was. It was a half day  at work. Almost everyone had left their cubicles. But not Avani, her cubicle was by the life size window. The view was far too mesmerising to resist. She wanted to take it all in. The job was more than anything a girl her age could ask for. A large sum as a salary, reputation in the firm. Avani had everything she had always dreamt of. Good looks and brains rarely come in one piece. But Avani had them. She gathered her bag from the work desk and stood. Her cubicle was a stark contrast to the others. While others had decorated their own with a dash of paraphernalia, Avani's was empty save for a lone photo frame. It held her only possession, their 'selfie'. A wide grin on His face in the picture made her flinch. It wasn't theirs any longer, just Him and Her, no longer 'Us'.
   "You are too ambitious, Avani!", these were the only words He had said. That's all and all ended for them. The words had stung real bad. It had been 5 long years and all it took him was 5 words to end it. She had wanted to stop him. To tell him that she wasn't really ambitious. She really did care. But did she really? Was she so engrossed? Her life was so different now and by now unimaginable without him.
     She entered into the elevator. Her finger hovered a while over the 'G' button. But then stiffened and with a firm push the elevator took her straight to the terrace of the building!. The doors clinged open and a chill wind blasted right into her face. Avani moved as if in a trance towards the edge. Her heart beating, hammering, thundering. The queens necklace glimmered in the distance. The ways so far away hitting on the shore. Avani took a faltering step and then out of the blue it struck. The elevator couldn't come up straight to the terrace, let alone did she even work here any longer?.. It was a jumble, a scream.. A man's scream she had heard.. the wail of silence and a thud.. It was all confusing... Avani collapsed and just as she did the terrace didn't quite seem open but seemed a close room.. And the concrete floor seemed clinical and tiled, and she fainted.

     The doctor shook her head sadly from behind the screen on the cabin door. She scribbled on her notepad against the serial number AB525627... "No progress. The subject still acts delusional and hallucinates of the past. Reason :probably guilt." And the doctor moved on to the next cabin as she had for the last six years. It had been six long years since He died. Or rather slipped off the terrace. And yet the doctor knew she loved him a lot,.. A lot in fact..

Monday, 2 June 2014

Kiddie dayz..

Chaos all around you shutting out,
Not a war it is but just another bout.

Seems faraway and distinct ways,
A single boat anchored at many a boys.

Trees in blossom and the sun ,
Beauty all around yet the cynic soul soul whines.

The purest joy when a kid smiles free,
Yearning for those days of all but simply glee.

The ball bouncing back back and forth between,
The pauper wishes for the joy even the mighty queen.

The tales of the hare and the tortoise,
The thirsty crow no pretense and no poise.

Flew by those moments of innocent bliss,
Kiddie bottles hung around necks you do miss.

Running around mindlessly in circles was,
Pure fun and there were no Newton's laws.

All it lies hidden within waiting still,
Let it come back again days of Jack and Jill.