Thursday, 18 July 2013

Run a race

  The crowd erupts in cheers as the runner crosses the finish line. The racer none other than the flying Sikh Milkha Singh. As the movie finishes with a cliche India vs Pakistan showdown, some thoughts run the laps of my mind.
A race they say is either won or lost. Each one of us runs a race. The moment you take in the first whiff of Oxygen you are pushed of into a race. Everyone has their own hurdles on the way. There has been no one till date who hasn't stumbled at least once in this race of life. While we run this race there are laps when we walk hands in hands with our fellow brethren. Some laps where we simply sprint caring not a bit for the world. Some laps where we keep looking behind or even ahead at the front runner. But rarely do we find the one runner who runs his own race. Seldom are such people found in this race track.

   We see many stumbling around this track of life because of their mistakes. Not an ounce of shame there. But sadly more than these many there are the ones who try their utmost to hinder others. Such a sad mentality of such wretched souls. No fault of theirs it is though. UPBRINGING the only flaw. Circumstances make people they say but is it so all the time? Can't we ever overcome these flaws? Even in a normal race its the weather, soil and other factors that aid or deter the winner, similarly there are many things that hinder or help you in your race. In the real races there is the audience to cheer you up, to keep your spirits high all the time. But in this race of ours there is no cheering audience. In fact no one cares whether you win or lose. Its simply you who decide your track speed. Rather not be a Usain Bolt, but aim for the Kenyan marathon runners. They run in consistency. Small fast dashes might garner you short lived fame but not the finale podium. You will find many a dedicated runners running at a breathtaking speed. You will be overtaken by many a sprinters. But here is the test of ones character. The race is nothing but a journey. Not to be overawed by the exuberance of others nor to dominate others.
    At times one seems to say that simply running throwing the wind to unawares is the only solution. Personally I do not think so. This race is a bit different from the monotonous ones where the winner is the one who finishes first. Here you race but with your own demons and flaws. It is you who reward yourself no one else. At times you need to slow down, to fall back and simply be still. Think, ponder and fill in the beauty of the track around you. To breathe and to understand where you finish line is. This race though seems lonely, is a place to meet new racers and walk hand in hand to cross the finishing rope. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Bird

Cracking open the shell was quite a job for me 

Pecking at it hard enough just the wide world to see

And when the first ray of light hits out like a beam 
I head out and step into the cosy nest easy it may seem

Being fed by my mother when I was young and weak
The mere wings and soft feathers were my home to speak 

All was so hazy and lazy so don't quite remember it
As I grew I could feel my wings raring to go bit by bit

My mother egging me forward from the cliff to make the jump
The first flight wobbly, scary, fairy and dreary with many a bump

Looking down from the sky above Oh! it was really scary
The wind under my wings pushing me ahead fun yet weary

Time ran exploring the blue skies and chirping away
Soon I had to leave my home for shelter night and day

It was quite a task to find my lovely little soul mate
But equal a joy it was when she and me went on a date

Even those days slipped by and fast it was soon
That I didn't  notice how I had lived by many a moon

There were dangers all around to fight tooth and nail
Yet it was the part of the life I had in rain and in hail

Building my little nest with my mate on a solid and firm a tree
And finally sitting in it and looking everywhere made me feel so free

Then came my tiny kids, a joy to behold their chirpy faces
To scavenge for their feed search and run a million races

How soon they grew up too, leaving me alone
Sad it was for me with even my dear lady gone

Now when I am grown so weary again and tired
Resting my used up wings all I do is think what conspired

In the distance I see the reddish sun going down
And it takes me down too, but with a smile and not a frown


    The nature of light has been one of the most debated topics of the scientific community. Some call for its particle nature while some for its wave nature. But leaving the scientific face aside let us wear the mask of the lay for a while. There are innumerable myriad occurrings around us. One such thing that puzzles me is 'light'. What is life without this very phenomenon. Can you imagine living minus the sensation of this very light. For me it is excruciatingly impossible.
     Even to think that I might have not had the sensation of light to my eyes is scary. Spare a silent thought for whom we call the 'blind'. A refined way to denote them is 'visually impaired '. But changing words hardly changes fact. The life they live. The steps they take. For us the opposite of light is dark. But for them what is dark? What do they actually see.? Is it completely blinding light or pitch black darkness? One wonders what is it exactly? Colours form such an integral part of our lives and for them how could it be? Faces, flowers, fauna and the wide world, no visuals. A scary picture this is. To have no aid of your eyes. In fact  for the ones who are sight impaired at birth, life might even be tougher. My heart goes out not in pity but in genuine care for such brethren of ours. And the good part is that this draw back has never stifled great minds. They find a way out. Just as the sun cannot be hidden forever, the ray of skill shines through beyond physical hurdles. There are many such people who lived a purposeful life and set examples for their fellow brethren.

      Coming back today we posses a thing called 'science'. Technology has made it possible to return or usher the light of vision in many lives. Quite a large number of people can be cured. They will be able to see. Sadly the thing that lacks now is the number of donors. Due to many conceptions made on the basis of incomplete knowledge, people hesitate to donate eyes. Think, Ponder and act. I will myself do so. Pledge our eyes to usher sight and light into dark life.

Monday, 15 July 2013

The thought chain

           Emotions well up sometimes finding no outlet in your heart. At times there are so many things which we feel like expressing but can hardly do so. Thoughts are so damn powerful. In fact according to me thoughts are the most underrated things out there in this world. The importance they carry is undeniable. But sadly as many a times we do not realise the importance of our thoughts. This is the real cause of all our troubles. How aware we ought to be when we think is never said about. All we hear is getting preached about morally right behaviour and ethics. The only thing the gen z hates is getting preached around by posers.
        But the only thing that we need to know is that our thoughts do matter a lot. sometimes I wonder what are thoughts. In fact a thought is the biggest mystery to mankind. When we think what is it that we actually do? As human beings we posses the mysterious ability to think. And we ought to learn how to use it to its fullest. Many may act as cynics to this article but it is plain fact what I am about to state:
       Thoughts that enter our mind are 99% a result of some outward event caught by our eyes, ears and so on. Sometimes if we try to trace the track of our thoughts it is damn hilarious. For example I once tried tracking my thoughts and the chain was as follows
  Lays→ Air → Flying → Superman → Man of steel → Steel → Jamshedpur → Near Kolkata → Ganguly → Champions trophy → Jersey → Cow → Milk → Milky way → Mars → Greece → Mythology → Hercules → Perseus → Rick Riordan → books → harry potter → Hermione → Emma Watson → Britain → UK → freedom → Gandhiji → spectacles → tarak mehta ka ulta chasma → overacting → Rakhi Sawant → Big boss → vindoo → match fixing → Sreesanth → short ball → ishant sharma → wide ball → Dhoni → Musharraf → Pakistan → ** → sachin →  retire → dravid → wall → ambuja cement → Boman Irani → munnabhai mbbs → sanjay dutt → Jail → kasab → 26/11 → **
  So see how literally ridiculous chain of thought it was. All things flow from higher level to a lower level. That's nature. So it made me ponder. A simple thought of the Lays chips drifted me away to **. I simply concluded that

1. Thoughts are highly volatile
2. U never know where a thought is going to take you.
3.Beware of what you think.

Such thought chains might have occurred to many a people. The crux of the matter is that we neglect what we think. We do not pay attention and get diverted. Here's we ought to stop and think over. Thoughts send out vibrations out in the world and attract similar things in our life. 
                                                       To be continued...

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

All mistakes can be forgiven

               Life is a myriad notebook of uneven pages. Some pages scribbled over while some typed to perfection. Some pages worth preserving for a lifetime, while some to be torn off in the earliest. This very notebook of our lives is dearly loved by one and all. The saying that "No one is perfect" applies to all even to the one who coined the saying. If everyone or even anyone was supposed to be perfect, there would have been no colour to lives.
We commit many a mistakes in our lifetime. Most of the times we do not even realise that we are committing a mistake. Who is it that decides that we have committed a mistake. Some supernatural body?
                No, not at all. Mistakes are relative. A fault for a person may be a oblation for the other. So there is no perfect definition for a mistake. On an average we do something wrong every day. Sometimes more than one thing a day. We do realise our folly at times, but there intervenes our conscious power. It always has ready explanations. It has irrevocable logic for all our deeds. No person blames himself for his folly ever. It is human nature to do so. And it can hardly be changed. The catch here is when the time comes for forgiving a  mistake. First of all it takes tremendous courage to ready oneself to ask for redemption. Its not a thing for the cowards. Asking forgiveness requires superhuman effort. When a person approaches you to seek forgiveness for his mistake, remember that it has taken huge efforts to bring him to you. And that amount of courage even you might not possess. Memory is a thing which brings back the hurt of past and replays it in our minds over and over again. It seldom allows us to forget. That's a shortcoming that every individual faces. At such times is our true test of courage.
         To simplify things one could classify the steps to forgive as follows

1.Think: Think a lot. Think once, twice, thrice if required more than that about the occasion. Think in your mind before you speak a word. Words hurt a lot, sometimes even harder than a bullet. Think, Think and think.

2.Breathe: This might sound ridiculous to some. But a fresh draught of oxygen helps to clear your mind.

3.Place: This is the most important and perhaps a tough step to follow. Place yourself in place of the person who seeks forgiveness. Think from the other side of the fence. It gives you a fresher perspective.

4:Say "It's okay!" : Saying it out loud is very much important. You can't even imagine how much  better you and the other person will feel once its said. It will help you much more than the other person so say it.

           In the end one thing which we keep forgetting is that it is not every time that a person will come to you to ask for forgiveness. At such times simply forgive without waiting. It is an uphill task to set our ego aside and say "Its okay!". But not an impossible one. Because for once when you really forgive a person you free your own mind from thoughts of negativity and sadism about the person. So remember__

Think, Breathe, Place and Say it.
Have a nice day