Tuesday, 27 May 2014


      'Are you a sapiosexual?', asks me my friend. And there I am, clean bowled. What is that? An addition to my vocab for sure. So there comes Google to the rescue. I type in and get the result. Urban dictionary pops and defines it - "One who finds the intelligence the most sexually attractive feature" A rare species I say. For a guy I am pretty sure of saying that. How so ever may a guy deny, the first thing he sees in a girl are the looks for sure. Looks do matter for a guy. The percentage weightage may vary but it exists in the first impression list.                                           
      One might warm up to a person later on because of the conversation and stuff but at first it is the looks, the personality that attracts. A game of impressions it is. Creating one and being influenced by one. But yes sapiosexualism is the word. Thoughts do make a difference. Once the initial haze of looks lifts the real thing begins. Talking, conversing makes an unprecedented difference. Thoughts can make or break a relation. The way one expresses his or her thoughts makes its own impression. I guess, a part of the never generation has moved on from being limited to good looks. Though a majority still do fall for those pouts (read duckfaces). And how terribly do they fall. A fulfilling conversation, a little talk with a smart partner beside a lake is at times much more better than a date of pretensions.
   May I take the freedom of coining a new term called intellectual silence. The silence that exists between two individuals after quite a deep conversation. The one which was full of words and meaning though seemingly calm. If this was the case people would always have chosen wisely. But sadly this isn't the case. A very rare handful go for this word and yet fewer from the guys. And I am not being a chauvinist when I say this. But lets face the facts. The persona, the smile too perhaps makes a longer impression. And it lasts at times. Quite long too. So there's hope for the intellectual. Yet lets not dampen our search for the beauty with brains

Monday, 26 May 2014

By a friend: Flying on a broomstick..

"An article not by me but a very special friend.. :).. Thankyu for this.."               

Come 16th May and behold! we were a witness to the most exciting and challenging Lok Sabha elections results eve. The journey had been tedious and committing for all the politicians but finally one leader, one face emerged as the leader. The whole nation was chanting "NaMo NaMo". Yes, it was Narendra Modi himself, a man who created his own identity in this family dominated world of politics, a man who won the hearts of millions in our nation and abroad to stand up as the strongest prime ministerial candidate. Was he the new Political God India had been waiting for? No, there have been better than him. But what India and it's people expect from him is nothing less than a miracle.
But my article does not focus on Modi. As the title suggests it focuses on one mysterious, spectacled man on a broomstick who tried to change the way our people think, who tried to root out all the evil from the government and its ways of working. To me he sounds like our very own version of Harry Potter , doesn't he?
Yes, its Arvind Khejriwal himself. Former civil servant and chief minister of Delhi who is now behind the bars for calling dormer NDA chief Nitin Gadkari corrupt.

His entry into politics was as bombastic as a Punjabi marriage, pompous and decorative. As he entered the world of politics, the common man sensed a revolution, a political one that too.
Our HP tried to take off and was partially successful. He got the support of the masses and was voted the chief minister of Delhi. You could find his banners and posters everywhere, in every town and city. He had suddenly emerged as the new poster boy of India. Millions of youth saw their reflection in him, that flare to change our country from it's very roots. Millions saw him as the next Prime minister. He was like a ray of light in the all enveloping darkness of our political system.

But what happened next is not hidden from anyone. He first faltered when he set up an alliance with Congress itself to form the government. The whole was gaping at their television sets on hearing this. It was like our HP was siding Voldemort. He chose to shake hands with the very people whom he was standing initially against. A few days later he resigned when his Anti-corruption plan was not supported in the Vidhan Sabha by other parties. All that he could give to Delhi in return to their faith in him was 49 days of poor governance. And poor is actually an understatement. Delhi was left an orphan again.

AAP failed to show any Positive results in the Lok Sabha elections as well , contrary to what he promised. The urban and the rural, none voted for his delusional government. Now as Shazia Ilmi and Capt. Gopichand have decided to abandon the ship, Khejriwal almost stands alone with a few supporters. The very foundation on which Khejriwal's conviction was based, now seems to be shaking.

NaMo stands tall,head held high with pride. Congress is on its back foot defending itself. But AAP is on the brink of extinction as it has lost its charm. It seems to be like any other fairy tale for the Indian voters. Shakespeare said that The world is a stage , our our Indian politics seems to be the most interesting of them all, i would say that the show must go on. We never know when a man might actually revolutionise the whole country.

written by
Mahima Rana
(the friend.. :P)

Friday, 23 May 2014

The ABCs..

A- Able to smile more?
B- Be the person you are.
C- Calm always is most important.
D- Dynamic is the word not static
C- Carve your own niche.
E- Every person is running his own race.
F- Forgive, for it is for the best.
G- Give time for its the most valuable thing you posses.
H- Have a break once in a while, for they matter.
I- Independence from stereotypes is the best form of it.
J- Jokes do help, but need to be timed well.
K- Kill those cynical thoughts.
L- Love work and bless all.
M- Motivate the ones around you whenever you can.
N- Never hesitate to ask.
O- Our life is quite short, be aware of this fact.
P- Proving yourself to somebody isn't important all.
Q- Quiet conversations with someone  are at times the best.
R- Rise everyday with a huge SMILE.
S- Sweet are the moments spent in solitude.
T- Treat women with all the respect you can gather.
U- Understanding people is tough sometimes, give 'em time.
V- Vast amount of knowledge stays concealed, we know nothing yet.
W- Watch those thoughts that flutter by cause they could be life changers.
X- Xmas, Diwali, Eid celebrate all, for there is no fun dividing life because of        religion.
Y-  Yearn for peace not chaos.
Z- Zeal for life is the only thing that keeps one afloat in adversity.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Losing the touch? are we?

 The world coming closer day by day. The tremendous technological development and the breathtaking inventions in communication. Amazes a person at times. The most astounding part is the time it has taken. All of this to occur. It was something very spontaneous. Yet amidst all this we find ourselves so disconnected. From the times that once were. Do we remember the last time we weren't swiping the smart phone screen or having a clickathon at the behest of the poor mouse? When was it when it was sheer happiness to hold hands with friends 'ring-a-ring-a-roses' sing in harmony? It seems a different world when the childhood doctor with a make believe stethoscope would diagnose and prescribe a page scribbled over with childish alphabet. This was the time the most sophisticated thing to do was to drive a car on the imaginary road beneath the sofa set-cum-car. A run wouldn't tire you. Giggling and laughing out loud wasn't simply 'LOL'. 'ROFL' was yet to be coined when you actually rolled laughing madly as your friend and you had mock fights.
      The neighbour's door would be forever open and you would alternate between them. It is scary when one sees kiddos hash tagging and duck facing when they should be quacking around like insane ducks. Its a change they say, you cannot avoid it. Accept it. Technology has eased your lives let it have its own set of repercussions. People ask one to live in the present and forget the bygones. But that is not the case. We have stopped thinking. At least stopped thinking about life. We haven't yet got the magnanimity of the situation. The actual situation we face is serious. For a change why not actually give the facts a straight look. Jeopardy it the word of the moment. That is what we are doing by not thinking. The days gone by have taught us many a things. These are all but mere trifles indicating a graver day lying ahead, yet to dawn.

   There still is time to improve. Simple things would make major differences in our life. Chucking it away for a little while is a small step which actually changes things. Keeping the phone away from us for a while makes us feel a bit less tired or tied down. All these amenities once meant for our own ease now have become liabilities. Tying us down. Draining us. We worry when our phone battery drains too quickly. But why do we forget that it is us too that is draining faster than ever. Give ourselves some time. Away from the lethargy helps too. So think. Think a lot it isn't bad if we miss out a couple of notifications. But a couple of minutes hooked on to extreme tech is harmful after a while. Ponder...  

Sunday, 18 May 2014

The trudge.

The sun smiles,
River running miles.

Drying neath the pump,
And perhaps a garbage dump.

The field once green,
Now tends slowly to wean.

The fruits lying askew,
Farmer walking at first dew.

The shoulders once tough,
Are sore and dreary rough.

The scorch will die down,
A smile shall kill the frown.

Days have changed, 
Nights too faraway ranged.

Pleas aplenty on a brow,
Life flows and you simply row.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Women..? respect em

      '136 girls abducted in Nigeria by Boko Haram'. As one reads the detailed report that follows this headline one just can't help thinking. Thinking would be a real understatement of the year. Living in a century which the world calls as the most progressive one. The one where you are free to express and to think. When we the modern people talk of equality. Of having an equal leash on both the genders. To have a society where we live in unique harmony. To dream of the day when all stand shoulder to shoulder irrespective of their traits. Many a traits lead to discrimination. But the worst among them is- sex. Face it people gender. Women and men. Full of male chauvinists and feminists have bragged their way about superiority without any practical implementation. When in a fury one gets worked up and decides in the flow of things to get over the gender bias. But do we really do that. As a boy when one looks around, the severe injustice is palpable. And i am not being prejudiced my dear friends. There lies not a hint of prejudice. Orthodoxies are blamed for narrow minded thoughts and ideologies. But is it really so? The Boko Haram means 'forbidding the western education' in a lose sense. Every person has a justifiable logic for his actions. Or mind is myriad. A place of unaccountable mysteries. A place which can give you a sane reason, which can convince you that what you are doing is not wrong then however devilish that act may be.

   The mere act of eve teasing sends a rage, and yet is prevalent. Don't people ever think. Is every guy so led away by 'hormones'. Be factual. people call for equal contribution of both the genders in a mistake. It may be so. When thinks happen in the outer world, beyond the boundaries of your little paradise, all we do is react for a while, a couple of tweets. A candle perhaps and that's that. This is where it ends. Why don't people think? Ever thought it could happen to somebody around you? why cant it happen. It can. the law of equal probability states that it can. That familiar smiling face standing in front of you. Such wickedness lies lurking in streets. We call us a sovereign nation. And yes we are. I am truly proud of it. But what about the sovereignty of thoughts, the freedom of life. The freedom to live in a world where there is no doubt. Listening to Lennon makes you a dreamer? Think practically. Millions of cyberspace and ink has gone down the lane over this topic. Yet there are people living right amidst us who do heinous crimes. People say talking is not enough. I say no. It is the most important thing. How do you think a factory of militants produces brainwashed youths taking up arms for misled purpose. All it takes is thoughts. Speak up spread it. Women, our own. Why can we not think of the world as ours. Its ours every single creature that breathes is a part YOU. 
   There wont be a day when you don't hear of a crime. Haven't we all as kids mugged up the pledge. The pledge which begins itself calling the countrymen our brethren. Cant we just for a change get out of the core of our little family and think bigger. All seems impractical to some. Women out here with us. They are important. Think of the one who brought you into this world. All it takes is a thought. A misguided one. That's all it takes to spoil a life, To end a life. Again all it takes a single thought to bless a life. There is always a better way. Always a path not taken. There is no fame in posting pictures in hordes of girls if within you don't respect them as an individual. There is nothing cool in having a string of affairs with good looking lasses if you cant respect their beauty. And when I say beauty. It isn't the beauty which we chirp about today. It is the real one that isn't something which you throw out when you flirt. Its nobody's fault actually. Its just we are misguided. Gravely misguided. Women play so many important roles in your life. Respect them for respect is never one sided. There is much more beautiful side in a friendship with a girl. which is without any heinous thought. Live it, experience that very beauty. For its a gift to have a girl trust you. Trust her in return. Admire her not with a fleeting upward glance, but with a ounce of respect in your heart. And you will see the change. Aren't your sisters going to live in this very world. This very world which shoots a Malala, this very world which harasses a job goer. The very day when we understand that it is us who are responsible, it will change for sure. It begins with us. For sure i say life is beautiful and so is this wonderful gift He gave us, - Women.. Respect them. For there shall always be a true gentlemen for a tens of miscreants.. Ladies have faith for there is good..

When in annoyance

       'I am annoyed', so easily annoyed. You hear this so often nowadays. It has become so very common. Getting upset and annoyed is so very easy. All it takes is nothing but our petty brain. The time when some particular thing irritates one to the earnest. Little things end up disturbing us. Even the bird chirping or a giggling crowd, is enough to get you of your hooks. And then all we do is react. And this reaction is very often than not misinterpreted. At such times it is easy to a reaction which we might repent later on. So it is at such times that we need to ponder. To give that pause. The very pause that is required, to take a little break and stop before we react. It could easily be condensed as:
1.Some random event triggering our reaction.
2.A reaction which could be at times unexpected.
3.A later repentance.
  And at the best of times it cannot be avoided. All of us know this plain fact- Its not worth it. Not worth getting worked up. Getting frustrated about a thing which I bet will seem petty some time later in your life. When one fine evening you ponder and think over your days gone by. You shall laugh it off. And might repent to. To have had a chance to go back into the reminiscence and tweak your reaction. That moment might come someday when the time has gone by. When it isn't any more in your hands. The best way therefore is to think when you have it within your scope to influence the change. The time is now. Not when the days have been used up. Not when you have a stick in your shivering hands. People give a stark logic. That - to err is to live. Accepted. But yet not to change is to be unfair to your life. Change shouldn't be forced. Yet it comes from within. At times we smother it. Try to suppress it. But that isn't the answer. It takes a conscious effort to get it together and face it. For a change accept the fact that nobody is perfect. Nobody even you. Face it for it is an undeniable fact. And it is when we realise this, we can come out of the kingdom of annoyance. It isn't easy. But it isn't impossible too. And could be easily summarised as
1.Accept it - NObody is perfect out here
2.GIve it some time, everything heals.

3.Get over it for its not worth it..

Monday, 12 May 2014


 Back on the internet with a proper resource this time. It seems overwhelming. Taking it all in at a time is stupendously overwhelming and that is why this post. Taking a look at twitter after a hiatus of almost a year. And here is the conclusion... I am bamboozled. Will take some time to get back into the routine. The best way for us all is to get back slowly and gradually. I can just imagine how tough should it be for our previous generation. It is stupefying. And this isn't demeaning anybody. Just the huge nature itself is tending towards scary. The real picture is so amazing in fact terrifying. Finally it will take some time. These things aside. The pace is really breathtaking. Wait for a second and you will be trampled. Thats all plain trampled nothing else. The Internet truly addicting. And this isn't some stereotype saying it. Take it in the stride and keep on moving. All you can do is this.