Sunday, 21 February 2016

The moment...

                     "She stood there.. As gorgeous as ever.. The wind as flirtatious as ever, tickled Her locks.. Up above the stars searched far and wide for the moon.. If only they knew.. The moon was engrossed.. hiding behind the veil of clouds.. Gazing at her.. Shinning a silent shimmer on her facade.. Enchanted by the perfection of her eyes, her lips, the lazy strands rustling in discordant harmony.. The moon in love of the sight it beheld from the heavens.. Thinking of the angels who would hardly stand a chance.. She belonged here in the paradise, the city of perfections... Yet something was amiss.. The curve of her lips turned the other way.. As if waiting.. for her own reason to smile..Missing something... Missing someone...... There He was... Walking towards her.. The moon felt a pang of jealousy.. For her face lit up with the smile it was waiting for... And that moment the moon knew.. She was taken... Taken far away from this moment to a moment beyond the boundary of space and the limitation of time.. As He walked up to Her.. Looked deep into her eyes.. unwavering.. Answering all questions Her eyes could ever ask.. Mesmerized by the audacity of Time, daring to stop by.. To stop and freeze the moment in the hushed frame of yearning... The silence spoke its sermon in a voice audible to Them.. The stars had given up their for the quiet song of a bird invisible to the eye.. And as the moon gave them their own space in the paradise that lay below.. One made more beautiful than the one above by the two hearts beating in symphony of a tune unheard before...  The moon bid adieu in a tinge of contented envy.. For the one beat it could now sense.. The two pieces of a puzzle fit in.. Slipping into the chasm of eternity.. To a world sans the mediocrity of the mundane... Never wanting to unbind the twine that held... Never wanting to leave... For ever.."

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Silence of the Chaos

To stand still in the crowd around here,
Mulling over thoughts and ideas yet unclear..

Many and more hustling beside you ever, 
Talking, fighting shouting wanting to sever..

World rushes by on its own pace carrying one,
Waiting patiently in the moment, you watch the fun..

Being alone in the mob that thrives on fear,
Making ends meet, jumping places only in wear..

One goal followed by the other adding to the list,
Each grander the previous yet fumbling in the mist..

In the pursuit of mystical Utopian dreams,
Tugging hard, reaching extremes bursting at seams..

The cacophony subdues the wordless song within,
A little voice wanting to be heard over the pressing din..

Muddled in the marshes of murky thoughts,
Being led deeper into the city of gears and bots..

Then comes a time where all seems a ruffled mess,
Tougher to plan or settle or even bother a flimsy guess..

Viscous vibes on the cusp of a curious realm,
Full of silence in the chaos with none at the helm..

Finally settling go of the obsession to race and win,
Happy with the waking and when losing is never a sin..

Wayward tuggings the lose their power to dictate,
When peace is all you find on the pages of a calm fate..

Accepting the existence of things in for company,
Striving, struggling not for gain but love and harmony..

In this silence then you hear the music still,
No one to trouble and living, singing at one's will..

Converging to the final joust with fate fair,
Settling into the warm comfort of this very lair..