Friday, 1 January 2016

React and then.. realise to respond..

    Millions and then zillions of thoughts and possibilities clamour for attention in  the vast expanse of what one defines as the mind. Every moment, a thought leading to another. A linked list with a blurry and faint hint of a back pointer to trace the original one. The chain expands in myriad ways and unthinkable possibilities crowd and threaten to to push you over the verge of accepted levels of sanity. Mundane conversations at times or even a tiny old nagging thought is all it takes to tick you off. The person very much responsible for the idiotic state of mind is more often than not just you. Your subconscious somewhere realises that it really isn't even a topic demanding your attention,  but you give in to the indulgent pleasure of going with the flow. To remove the barriers and self imposed censors and open the dam walls of inhibition is a relief. Somehow the little thoughts and reactions to something considered important, cluster and accumulate in the recesses you have kept undisclosed to the wide majority. You know it has your own self-created limit. You test it and pray it wouldn't overflow. But the things hardly pan out the way your controller brain has deigned them to. Thinking seems wasteful and maybe even over-hyped when it comes to such situations. When the world around you just seems a constant blur and you yourself the only unchanging observer, judging and reacting.  
    To react is so easy. To simply use the knee-jerk reflexes your brain finds easy to fall back upon. To not ponder or even pause at what is coming at you and blurt away. Not necessarily you speak out or act in accordance, but even a reactionary thought proves the axiom. Your thoughts make a difference and often their importance is underrated. The reactions to acts or words of something or someone you hold close. Some your mind presumes is worth more the thousands of thoughts you reserve for them. You assume it crossed some self-imposed limit and react to an action in the most unmindful of ways. And here when you try to find order in the chaos of smudging thoughts, it strikes. Strikes hard and deep. Pause.. Ponder.. and Respond. Respond and do not react, for it's never what an external stimulus throws at you. It just serves as a trigger to a chain reaction already seething in your own consciousness. It's just your figment of self-boasting imagination that's scratched and doubted. Respond with care. Respond, for the word itself has the principle of responsibility in it. Respond with thought that speaks volumes of the effort you have taken to build your mental muscles in the mind gym of self-improvement. You realise it never was never is and never will be what the surroundings suggest or impose but it will be what you decide. For holding on to stupid presumptions takes you right back to the path of mediocrity. For the something or someone is truly important. And a reaction will just pull you apart whereas a response will bring you closer. And that is what perhaps important. Realising the importance of response leading to harmony as against a reaction ending in a hyperbole of chaos. So sit still, take the deepest breath you ever have and respond... For that is the way ahead...Good day...

Home Food..

  As the last day of vacation dawns here's an ode to thing missed the most by us the hostelites...

Years till date when it was a part of life taken for granted,
Easily overlooked, never understood why is it so very wanted..

Mothers pestering and forever pleading to have it in peace,
To have it served in our platters cringing, grudging never to cease.. 

Best of dishes with a large helping of mother's love all through,
Prepared with with utmost care just for us, cooking up the perfect stew..

And then when all of sudden you find a yourself in a queue,
Making way in patience here for the mess food, waiting your due..

When the Roti is no longer soft as home or the watery dal to add,
The rare glimpse of a your favourite piece in the helping makes you glad..

There are of course the pandas and owls to deliver you from this grief,
Yet the many fancy offers and the coupons spent are but a momentary relief..

When the sole item in the menu in the night canteen is the holy grail,
Tears are shed when it's closed and all you can do is repent and forever wail..

The tiffin from home is trove to be plundered with your floor crew soon,
With the sniffers all around you can never keep at bay be it morn or be it noon..

This is when you realise the value of food once you shunned on a bad mood,
For it's paradise to be back just for the sake of the prized possession - home food..

#homefood #forevermissed