Tuesday, 30 September 2014

A good morning

   A long time since the last post. But finally a morning when one has to shed procrastination and write down something. A good morning it is when a good message or a mail brightens up your day. Its for this wonderful feeling of everything being complete one needs to strive. Its fairly easy to keep on preaching about stuff one never actually work on. But when those bookish things actually translate into our daily lives it is quite a bliss. To let go of all that's pulling you back, holding you down is not so easy at is seems. To be happy is not so complicated as it is made out to be. The algorithms people give to find bliss more often than not turn out to be half-hearted and end up being a temporary push. Agreed that at times it is this temporary push that keeps our head above the surface. But it is truly unfair on the prowess we posses deep within. The wonderful power of simply being content is sometimes taken for granted. It is rare gift at times to simply look at things as they actually are. This gift which every thinks that they posses in the earnest. On the contrary it is a minority who can remain clear headed at all times. A morning that begins with a smile more often than not ends in a blissful night's sleep. Many argue that this is an illogical statement. But try keeping a tab of such days when you smile the moment you wake up as compared to those with nightmares. Its a marked difference. 

    The little things which we take often for granted are many a times the things which a vast majority consider a luxury in this world of ours. Every act of ours influences the world in some manner or the other. Some say it would be a dystopian thought if all acts would have affected the system workings of this universe. However insignificant our existence might be. It is of value in our own niche which we ought to carve. Preaching it seems.Its nothing but pondering over the little things that occur. Its so easy to be drifted and get pulled away. but pulled away from what ?? That's the question, we need to ask. The serious ones would keep pondering. The casual ones would neglect. But all you need to do is be aware. There are many a things living for. Its a gift once a poet said - To live, to be, to breathe. And surely it is a gift to walk on. But to where? A simple road awaits us all. Each one has a different one for sure but yes a road there is. So why crawl on it when we can skip along singing in cheer.. Smile along

Friday, 19 September 2014

In Frustration?

     Its a lot troubling, frustrating and all those complaining maladies we get to hear. All such in a young age. It seems terribly stupid in retrospect when we realise that all was for nothing in the beginning. Accepted that when in the actual situation, its rarely are we able to keep a sane mind. All the unwanted and corrosive thoughts pour in torrents. Its not unnatural to think of the weirdest of things when faced with such a situation at times. The worst case scenarios pop up out of nowhere. When the trusted of faces seem to be distant and unfamiliar. We then let the most insignificant of things affect us. The meaningless words find extreme meanings in our mind. More often than not, all it ends in regret. Its all easy to say when one is out of that depressing state. Living by, and days stretching by no longer is a hyperbole in such times. Strange thing this mind of ours is. The extreme suppositions and derivations we start making from the smallest of acts is laughable in hindsight. 
      All these things seem magnified and grave the longer you keep looking at them. The 'frustration' could very well be compared with an itch but just a mental one. A mental itch. You can't scratch it. It just keeps on irritating without dying down. Enough of this description. Getting on with it, we realize our folly in it. Writing on it is fairly easy. But even then it is surely worth a try if we could cope with it. Its just a thin line we tread on, but yes not totally impossible. Just remembering the same thing we always knew. This too shall pass. The same old cliche we have been hearing for ages. All you do is try to be indifferent but not inconsiderate. Thinking of what we already have and how much better off we are helps too. The wonderful things that lay ahead. Its abrupt, but yet the same thing repeated. Have faith, this too shall pass.. :)