Saturday, 29 December 2012

..◄▬The final Jump▬►..

       The sound of squealing tyres and squeaking pedals broke the monotony of the isolated patch of road. Vivian pedalled hard with tears streaking his face. Once again he had an argument with his friends. Ha.. if you could call them friends. Ever since he remembered, Vivian never got along well with any homo sapiens. His mother forever encouraged him to make friends but however hard he may try it would be futile. As the site neared, the familiar calm started to soothe Vivian's aggravated conscience. This place was quite different, something was really weird about this place. Nothing much about the climb but it was at the very edge of the town. An uphill ride on his bicycle took him to the place, a clearing which ended in a cliff overhanging a valley which ran about a mile deep. It was here, Vivian found peace, but today that peace seemed tainted. The place seemed aware of not one but two consciences. This quite startled him, for no one ever came all the way up here, it was strange. He was the king of this little kingdom, or that was what he thought so. Vivian propped his cycle along the lone tree which marked this place and squatted in the soil. The breeze was chilling as twilight fast approached. A beautiful shade of scarlet coloured the sun as if it was blushing as it dived into the realms of the horizon. 
        Vivian's dry tears evaporated leaving a colder face making him shiver involuntarily shiver. The view was scenic yet frightening. A single misguided step was enough to fall deep into the deathly valley. Another nagging thought gained precedence as his heart beat faster. How easy would it be to just jump off. All his worries, his vagaries, his problems would just end all of a sudden. So very wonderful. No more pain, no more betrayals, no quarrels. No longer would he have to think of all these man made pretences and act to please the world. This thought fought all other logical signals in his brain and gained dominance over his being. The thought vibrated in his body reaching the tips of his numb fingers. It was an exhilarating prospect. Finally to end it, to culminate this life, why had he not thought of it before. A nervous excitement grew and his legs moved as if they had a life of their own. He strode in a haze  to the very edge of the cliff, arms spread out. The breeze was no longer calm, it beat furiously against his body. His clothes flapping hard. Nothing could describe that wild instinct. As he prepared to fling himself.. a sharp and distinct shout pierced the haze that surrounded his thoughts. Like an arrow meeting its mark, Vivian recoiled and suddenly he was terribly aware of the precipice he was standing upon. A sharp pang of fear gripped his hammering heart as Vivian backed away from the edge of the cliff.
       And there by the tree stood a girl with outlandish clothes, something which was out of the vogue half a decade ago. The same voice tumbled over her lips, " Vivian get back.." Vivian couldn't comprehend what was going on. He slowly walked back towards the tree. The girl smiled but it didn't quite reach her flint black eyes. Those eyes beheld some pain, some unfinished goal. As she spoke a chill passed Vivian's spine, " Vivian what was it you were about to do. Ending your life, who gave you the right to do so..." Her anger was palpable but Vivian could not quite get it why was this unfamiliar girl concerned of him. Vivian couldn't articulated, the exhilaration had left him numb. He just folded down to the ground as a crumpled leaf and let those bone chilling words  wash his mind. The girl continued.. " Don't you ever think of ending your life. It is too precious. you won't realise its price unless you no longer have it." The sun by now had touched the red horizon. The birds were on their return journey to their nests. "Vivian, I know it is frustrating, but you must live on.. Who knows someday, somewhere there is someone made just for you.. Get up now its getting late. Just shake off all your apprehenses and MOVE On.." Vivian was involuntarily following her command. He stood up and took his bicycle to begin his way back home.
     But just as he turned a thought struck hi hard, " Hey.. you, how do you know my name. Isn't it a bit strange?" Instead of an answer the girl smiled, this time a cynical one quite darkening her features making her dangerously beautiful and said, " Vivian why do you think no one comes here. It is so beautiful up here, even then no visitors, its so lonely, no animals, not an insect, ever thought of it?" Vivian was confused just as the girl said," It was here 7 years ago I jumped off to end my life, I didn't want you to.. so I came back just to see you off..bye.." As she jumped off the cliff leaving Vivian in a fearful jumble of emotions..,

Monday, 17 December 2012

The bliss in books

         The time when you pick up a pen to write, the pen streams yours thoughts and ideas putting them together. The flow of visions and opinions all through such a petty seeming device. The mere pen seems so powerful when all seems lost enough. The medium matters as they say. The journey always matters more than the destination. Hence applying this to the skill of writing, we find similar conclusions. The times when we the so called bookworms end up being cooped with another book, such times cannot be scaled with any parameter whatsoever. The world is so infinitely limitless that nothing can encompass it. Writers have often found a vent tho their innermost of ideas and expressions through writing. It is in fact so blissful to admire a write up. Many times we are supposed to write essays during language papers. It is such a calming feeling when you are satisfied by the writing your pen has produced. Such an emotion cannot be bound even by the mighty words.
      Writing provides with the concept which they call as 'Creative satisfaction'. To many it may seem a monotony to sit with a blank page and scribble all over. But a writer brings out worlds and ideas which cannot be marginalised. The days are gone when the quils would have to scribble all along to be replaced by typewriters and later by computers. But any true writer will agree that the real joy still lies to stay loyal to the paper-pen family. Personally I prefer the old pen-paper system. May be it is the sight of the paper, the musky scent of a new page calls to be written upon. The thoughts ache to find a vent. Many times it is not by preparation one can write but a single spark is more than enough. The greatest of writings have emerged of leisure and not of perspiration. The gifted writers who can bring a world to life are the ones whom I admire the most such a great skill it is to make the reader fall in love with the characters of the book. The character of Lyra Belacqua in the golden compass trilogy by Phillip Pullman makes one experience the pain and devastation of the girl in the earnest. The descriptions of the lunch by the picnics in Enid Blyton's series bring water to our tempted lips. The mysterious twists and surprises penned by MR. Dan Brown  make our hearts beat in a flurry. This gift of living the book is equally appreciated in a reader. Such a wonderful blessing it is to be able to have a great expanse of awesome authors out there beckoning us the so called bookworms. Be proud to be one. 

Monday, 3 December 2012

The penfriend - part 2

                                An emotion unknown to Deep untill that very moment surrounded his auricles and ventricles. The strong feeling to give joy and receive in return. His five minus one senses were enhanced as if by some strange power. As Ron's yelps quietened Deep found his diction and was able to articulate and said, "I can't beleive its you. After all these 3 years finally I get to meet you in flesh and bone." Kaamika's voice answered, "Umm.. yes we finally do meet." Deep fumbled for Ron's leash, "Here, take it" said Kaamika as she handed him the leash. The pair started walking down the street returning to Deep's house. Kaamika strapped her cross satchel and walked at a steady pace. " It was I who was supposed to pick you up and not the other way round. By the way how did you recognise me?" said Deep. Kaamika replied in her sweet voice, " I really don't know. I just saw you sprawling in front of the car and rushed over. Actually I didn't know it was you till i caught up your distant gaze". A bit surprised Deep inquired, " How do you know of my blindness. Never mentioned in any of those letters." " You have got a very very nice mom you know.. " And then it dawned on Deep that his mother had betrayed him. May be she had seriously added that P.S in the very first letter. Now he had a complaint to sort out with his mother. But that could wait. At least now he didn't have to worry how he would have broken the news without a sense of akwardness.
                       " You must be tired lets get home quickly", said Deep. As they reached Deep's place, Kaamika flashed a brilliant smile to Deep's Mom, exchanged pleasantries and went on to freshen up. " She's a nice girl" Deep's mother ridiculed Deep. Deep gave a mock frown and said, " We need to talk of that 'P.S'-". "Oh dear so she told you. We'll talk about it later." replide Deep's mother. As Kaamika descended down the steps having freshened up, Deep sensed her presence and called out, " hey come on let's go out for a walk" The afternoon sun had now toned down its intensity and was gradually moving towards the horizon. Kaamika nodded in response and though Deep couldn't see it but sensed her affirmation. Kaamika and Deep set out towards the beach that lay a mile wide off Deep's house. As they walked under the weakening sun's shroud they talked and talked, on topics however insignificant and vast ranging from their hobbies to their passions. The clouds shaded their path as Deep opened up like never before. All his hitherto unknown secrets tumbled like an uncontrolled rivulet.. Unlike with others, Deep felt so calm in Kaamika's presence. Deep pointed in the direction from where he could hear the waves crashing gently on shore. The sand under their feet felt so smooth and relaxing. The sun had almost kissed the horizon. The glow could be felt on their flushed and happy countenance. Even the Gods would have envied this one of a kind friendship.

            They talked for a time which seemed to span eons. Kaamika's worries, Deep's ideas, their wishes everything spilled all around mingling and mixing like an amalgam of pure innocence and love. As the topics came closer to their hearts one could see the moist eyes glistening in the twilight. And Deep said, "How very happy I am today. How so lucky I am to have found a friend in you. If only He had given me the ability to behold you in my vision." pointing towards the encasing sky. Kaamika said, " Even I had never thought of such a wonderful person existing in this unfair world." She closed her eyes and uttered a single phrase, "O God Please.!". And there was this sudden streak across the muted sky and a blinding roar of the sea. As they both screwed their eyes to avoid the intensity. Deep opened his eyes a fraction later for the first time in his life not to darkness but vision. To be lost again in those beautiful eyes of the girl who sat beside him and had given him the most precious gift one could give the gift to see.. As they saw miracles happen. All you need a pinch of unwavering belief.. do believe for miracles do happen.... !

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The penfriend - part 1

      Deep rubbed his eyes as he woke to the gentle chime of the alarm clock by his bedside table. His hair askew and sleep still clutching tightly at the ends of his consciousness. Deep gathered his thoughts, organised them and smiled. The smile of pure joy and innocence. The smile which brightened the weary days of many a people. Deep made his way towards the restroom and refreshed himself. His mother called him for the steaming hot breakfast. The aroma of the molten butter on the hot cooked parathas roasted to a finesse enticed him to quicken his pace. As he passed down the stairs he felt the warm glow of the morning sun bathe him in bliss. Everyday Deep would stand at this very step and bask for a while, as if recharging his battery for the day. Today he couldn't spare a moment for it. Today his penfriend was to meet him personally. It had been three years since he had been corresponding with her. Every week Deep would sit with his mother persuading her to write for him, Deep hardly wrote himself, he would speak his heart out while his mom would write it down for him in her beautiful handwriting.
      Deep quickly gobbled a couple of aloo parathas and whistled for Ron his five year old golden retriever. Ron came bounding over and  yelping in joy. Deep put on his comfy sneakers and rolled up Ron's leash in his grip and set out towards the Velpan railway station. Deep's thoughts constantly kept wandering towards his penfriend, Kaamika. As Ron, the retriever rollicked at a leisurely pace matching his four paws with Deep's couple. He heard someone call out his name, and at once understood it was the town baker calling from the inner sanctum of his bakery. Deep waved his hand in response. As Deep thought how would it be to hear Kaamika talk in person. The flow of gentle rivulet of words from the those unfamiliar yet longing chords. The rhythm of a strange note which had yet been discordant. As the station neared, the pace of his steps found a sense of urgency and eagerness as Ron still bounded ahead of him.
            As Deep heard the shrill whistle of the train engine chugging onto the platform, he threw away Ron's leash and dashed towards the sound of the train. And then.. kreesh!!.. the sound of stern brakes rubbing against reluctant tyres sounded. As Deep fell he felt a unfamiliar yet strangely soothing touch on his shoulder. As he stood with the help of the unfamiliar identity he heard the vehicle driver croon in a harsh voice,.." Abee dikhta nahi hai kya?? ". At the same instant he heard another melodious lilting voice enquire with a sense of trepidation, "Are you all right?" The voice almost brought him back to the ground, his knees wobbly. But then he stood and heard Ron barking at the vehicle driver. Deep caressed his hackles to calm Ron. The melodious voice strummed again and said; " I am Kaamika.." And then Deep's joy knew no bounds for he was finally hearing the penfriend whose words had enraptured his conscience for three years. How Deep wished for this very instant to have a pair of eyes to behold this moment, the very power of sight which the creator had denied him.. 
                                                                .... To be continued...