Sunday, 31 July 2016

6 reasons to help reduce worrying

In a world of forever increasing pressure. Here's six ways to handle and reduce this ever problematic anxiety.

1. Realize the waste in it:
 There is no use of being worried about an event which is in the future and you have absolutely no control over. The wasted moments on thinking about what would happen in the future only come back in the future as moments of regret on having wasted time.

Sunday, 10 July 2016


        It was over.. The months of a false pretense had come down crashing all around. The layer of illusion before him was ripped apart by the harsh knife of truth. It wasn't to be. The many moments which had now rolled off into the baggage of memories, still hit hard. No matter how much he tried to convince himself of the days to come, the promise they held, it wouldn't heal the wound of the one broken in the days gone by. The melancholy was tangible in the air around. If encompassed all those who tried to break this shell. The shell which he had withdrawn into.
        He shouldered his rucksack and made way to the rock by the shore. It had been his place, once. Long before the messed up moods, this was his place of peace. The memories sweet were now all marred by an emotion of incompleteness. The puzzle he was solving seemingly impossible now. The missing piece he had found was lost in the crowd he had searched for. The gaping hole it left in its absence yearned for the familiar presence. The smile, the very thought of it brought along a river of longing. The shore was empty, not a single soul to trespass upon the boundaries of his vision. The horizon a splash of eventide colours. Mixing, merging mesmerizing the onlooker into a haze of meaninglessness. Yes it was his stupidity to have let his defences down. To lay out a carpet to tread upon with love.. Tread over it was.. crushed and crumbled to wither away...
        He sat there waiting.. waiting for the piece to be found... someday..

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Unpredictable yet...


    The innumerable people we meet in life. Some mere glances on the timeline, while some a bookmark in our book while some a splash on the canvas. Call it what you may, but the lives we touch during our time here is countless. Some way or the other we move on from one phase to the other forever changing. The childhood story of Yudhishtira and the Yaksha by the lake pops up as a distant memory with the question very clear.

     "The yaksha asked the prince 'O yudhishtira what is the most wonderful thing in this universe?', The prince pondered a while and answered, 'The most wonderful thing is that man goes on with his life every moment with a presumption that he is to see the next day when he sees hundred of his fellow beings resting in peace forever every day'.Thus the yaksha was content."

  This excerpt from the mythological stories found in abundance in our texts proves a point. The unpredictable nature of life is more often than not taken either for granted and completely ignored or taken in a negative way to be in the constant fear of facing our ultimate calling of death. It seems absurd to think and talk of the ultimate reality we are to face some day. But then why not take a positive leaf from the pages of uncertainty and use it for our best. The very next moment is meant to be unpredictable unknown to us. That leaves a lo to marvel and be grateful for. The past that has been and the future that will be remain the untouchables in our equations. That the very next moment could take you to a place you never would have imagined. That's the beauty uncertainty beholds. 
    When for a moment if we leave aside the glares of prejudice and the buckets of judgement we carry along everywhere we can see the broader perspective. The simple notion of the weight we are carrying today. The weight of 'ego' and the following chain of 'issues', 'grudges' and the list is endless. The realization that hits hard is of the futility, the uselessness of these evils we carry along. The unpredictable lives we live somewhere make us realize that these things aren't worth effort we put in to remember and fester. And yes fester it does, like a wound, the only difference is, that it is us who feel the pain, the hurt of clinging on. Life moves on at a pace which is terrifying at times. There it calls for a time to sit back and think over the amazing things we are letting go in the process. The wonderful people we have in our lives. It isn't about being a soft-hearted person but having a heart which knows when to let go. To let go of the grudges or the judgement we hold against a person. For life is too short to let such things matter. And yet take every chance to make someone's life beautiful. Leaving a person happier than you met him or her is an art if one could master. As human beings we falter and commit mistakes. This where ego uncoils and springs up as wall. The simplest way of apologizing seems an uphill task and the wall between two people becomes thicker with every added ounce of ego from both the sides. And this is where one should realise the fickleness of life. The unpredictability.
     A simple act of the golden words we were once taught as kids goes a long way. A heartfelt 'sorry' and a genuine 'thank you' has broken down many walls of ego and built bridges of pure love. So give it a try before it is too late. The simplest of acts of being genuine and making the other person aware of how lucky you are to have him or her in your life. It could be your amazing mother or your super father. It could be your school friend. It could just be the guy who sweeps up your premises. Spread the love.. For this is the only moment you truly posses so why not make it amazing.

-Some events in life trigger a series of thoughts . This write up is a result of one such news.. RIP Suraj sir.