Wednesday, 16 December 2015


The most delicate yet forever of most essence,
Trust, to hold by tight without an ounce of pretence...

For the lightest feather swaying in the gentle breeze,
A beauty to watch and yet harmed by a negligent ease...

The closest to us often taken for granted on this front,
Let that not ever disturb the bond to bear its weary brunt...

Time it takes to build this castle on firmer ground,
Patience for brick, grit for mortar and care abound...

To have the core of the selected few touched upon,
A bond to nurture every moment and every little dawn...

At times a deluded thought is all it takes to scatter,
If its one to last and be there let it not ever matter...

Trusting the one who hangs in there putting up with you, 
With every crazy antic, a partner in crime you always knew..

Fear not for the loss of trust for its not to last by the book,
Move, gather the pieces to solve the biggest puzzle life would cook..

The ones who deserve shall forever stick on this path askew,
Meandering at crossroads at times only to meet again anew...

The bridge of trust brittle as ever shall remain tender as its been,
Yet is needed to cross over and knock  on their hearts yet unseen...

For all relations lie well in peace over this very word,
Trust what the both feel, not what's seen, not what's heard..

Time flies as one rushes deeper in the maze when trying to flee,
Never bother, be alive and trusting, it always helps sure, trust me... :)

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

A guide

    A walk down the road is forever lonely. The road that leads to that ever changing destination. The road different for every individual yet on these roads there are those turns of doubt and deception. The treacherous pitfalls and the wrong turns which might lead you astray. Such times call for a lamp or a board that directs you. A guide in our lives steps into these mighty shoes of direction. The actors essaying this role change over time but the ultimate motive of this character - the guide - remain the same throughout. The guides creed beginning right in the tender days of childhood, with the very first guide being our mother. To take those tentative first steps in this world of hustle and bustle and to supported by the firm of our father. As days tumble into years we learn from the school of life. Every event around us is ready with a lesson for us to perceive and eventually learn at our own pace. The academic front acquaints us with numerous guides in the form of our teachers. The ones who set the pace for a lifetime of acquiring knowledge. The guides though are more often than not restricted to the boundaries of academics at best. Yet at such times we neglect the ones who we learn from on a daily basis . These go uncredited for the influence they have on us and our style of thought.

   A guide is none but who directs us in times of confusion. Their task is to knowingly or unknowingly show us the way which seems to them the better of the choices at hand. They draw in from the lifetime of experiences and judgement to set forth an ideal way. The ideal way is always in fact a relative term than one which can be defined and limited by ethical and moral shortcomings. The fact that experience doesn't always mean the amount of time spent interacting with the variety of events abound is noteworthy. To understand that a guide could be anybody. Ranging from an aged old man to a kid playing by the swing set. The ounce of humility to accept that guides can be found anywhere is lacking at times in many of us. To accept that things can be learnt from the most myriad of sources is great virtue. For knowledge is eternal in its form and hence can be attained from all sources possible. The motto now is to keep our eyes open and be welcoming to the guides life gives us at various junctures.. Keep learning...