Monday, 21 May 2012

why do i blog

Writing this blog i don't have any specific aims. Like many have of making money. I simply love to pour out myself and wait if any body out there on the WWW has an inclination to my thoughts and opinions and have the  grace of evaluating my thoughts. Till my junior college I wasn't interested in blogging but suddenly i found some blogs which are more than interesting.
 recently when I was reading Eight cousins for the second time i realised how beautiful the language of the author is. I have always had a liking for the old world charm of the books perhaps that is the reason that i have writers like Enid blyton, Agatha Christie, Alcott, Viktor Hugo and others in my small unorganised library. I always respect those who have a passion for reading, because reading makes you think a lot. I prompts u to action and never lets you down in time of need.
Every reader a true one of course must be familiar with the smell of a book which is so pleasing though it may sound weird to others. I really really love reading and wish to find others who do the same

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