Thursday, 14 June 2012

pouring my thoughts

sometimes everyone must have experienced it that we cannot pour out our thoughts or even bind them to rational values set by the ethics. We feel muddled and lost. In crowd yet secluded far away from all, all alone. When you don't have anyone to share your thoughts with, it is frustrating at times and then we take out our anger on somebody else which we dont mean to do. Then it is followed by repentance which is even more frustrating. Wish I could garner more control on my speech and hold my tongue, but it will take time. Nevertheless there is an improvement, whenever i now get angry i take a deep breath and then bless the person towards whom our anger is directed.
    The results are immediate and awesome, slowly I don't feel like talking a lot. Like being alone. It may be a bit wrongly classified by some but it is right for me and works.


  1. its taken me my 19 years to find another person like me. i share your emotions bro, i can empathize with you. i have created a blog just like you. i am going to post something in it in a few days, something which i have written 5 minutes ago. i hope you read it, because i reckon i'll need your feedback....:-)