Monday, 20 August 2012

Three part series original

  Atharva the same boy from the town of Velpan was sitting in his swing. This swing held a very special place for him. His entire childhood had been woven around this very swing. As usual he had a book propped in his arms. The other world did not exist for him now. This consciousness was long lost in the engrossing pages of the book. This particular book intrigued him a lot. The librarian was very reluctant to lend this book. Even the book was not bound by Atharva in the library shelves.
     It was just a matter of chance that Atharva could find this book. After a tirade of arguments Atharva could finally borrow the book. The librarian had though warned him. "Beware" was the word the librarian had uttered. Presently Atharva couldn't take off his eyes from the mysterious pages of the book, it wasn't unusual but a bit strange. The book didn't have a story. It wasn't that Atharva was reading the book. It was SURELY THE OTHER WAY ROUND. The book was reading Atharva A sudden chill passed his spine. The swing seemed to shake a bit wayward. Atharva couldn't comprehend the circumstances. And without a warning the swing twisted around its hinges and shattered into infinity. Atharva couldn't hold his ground and tripped over his feet. The book was lying beside him. Atharva stood, staggering a bit he checked his watch, his favorite one. The watch had stopped functioning. A wave of disappointment washed his mind. As his senses sombred, Atharva could picture the surroundings. A shrill yet soothing voice was singing softly somwhere ahead. It was so familiar. The same voice had sung lullabies to him untill a few days back.
    Atharva was pulled magically towards the voice, beckoning him, stronger than a magnet attracting a piece of Iron. This force was, this bond, was something stronger far stronger. In a trance Atharva strolled towards the voice. And then there was a streak in the sky and a bolt of lightning struck. Swisshhh!!! Atharva had almost given up. But somebody had just pushed him away. As he fell over he sensed the singing voice drown away and finally cease. And this was enough to bring him back to his senses. He rubbed his eyes and what did he see!! A girl about his own age was standing beside him. She had a distant look in her eyes. Something bewitching. Her pearl blue eyes were just as stark as the bolt of lightning across the sky. She held power of may be centuries. And the she disappeared.
     Atharva was shell shocked. These appearances weird. The kept luring him.

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