Sunday, 18 November 2012

A bit about a new blog called Futuremakers..

                A bit about a new blog by my friend Mohit Karekar called Futuremakers. A new vista has been opened for all those out there whose only power and inspiration is uncontrolled frustration. The blog is vent to newer thoughts and personal opinions based only on observation and sheer observation. Personally speaking the blog has many new thoughts and minute observations. A newer fact is that the posts not only highlight the problems but also provide a scope for solutions and practical steps. It although very early to speak much about it but the posts provide enough promise for the future. I have tried my level best to spread the news about a smaller revolution rising which derives its source of inspiration is self reflection. Hopefully all those who sincerely wish to be a part of a new revolution which isnt all about speeches and thought but being the change..

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