Sunday, 2 December 2012

The penfriend - part 1

      Deep rubbed his eyes as he woke to the gentle chime of the alarm clock by his bedside table. His hair askew and sleep still clutching tightly at the ends of his consciousness. Deep gathered his thoughts, organised them and smiled. The smile of pure joy and innocence. The smile which brightened the weary days of many a people. Deep made his way towards the restroom and refreshed himself. His mother called him for the steaming hot breakfast. The aroma of the molten butter on the hot cooked parathas roasted to a finesse enticed him to quicken his pace. As he passed down the stairs he felt the warm glow of the morning sun bathe him in bliss. Everyday Deep would stand at this very step and bask for a while, as if recharging his battery for the day. Today he couldn't spare a moment for it. Today his penfriend was to meet him personally. It had been three years since he had been corresponding with her. Every week Deep would sit with his mother persuading her to write for him, Deep hardly wrote himself, he would speak his heart out while his mom would write it down for him in her beautiful handwriting.
      Deep quickly gobbled a couple of aloo parathas and whistled for Ron his five year old golden retriever. Ron came bounding over and  yelping in joy. Deep put on his comfy sneakers and rolled up Ron's leash in his grip and set out towards the Velpan railway station. Deep's thoughts constantly kept wandering towards his penfriend, Kaamika. As Ron, the retriever rollicked at a leisurely pace matching his four paws with Deep's couple. He heard someone call out his name, and at once understood it was the town baker calling from the inner sanctum of his bakery. Deep waved his hand in response. As Deep thought how would it be to hear Kaamika talk in person. The flow of gentle rivulet of words from the those unfamiliar yet longing chords. The rhythm of a strange note which had yet been discordant. As the station neared, the pace of his steps found a sense of urgency and eagerness as Ron still bounded ahead of him.
            As Deep heard the shrill whistle of the train engine chugging onto the platform, he threw away Ron's leash and dashed towards the sound of the train. And then.. kreesh!!.. the sound of stern brakes rubbing against reluctant tyres sounded. As Deep fell he felt a unfamiliar yet strangely soothing touch on his shoulder. As he stood with the help of the unfamiliar identity he heard the vehicle driver croon in a harsh voice,.." Abee dikhta nahi hai kya?? ". At the same instant he heard another melodious lilting voice enquire with a sense of trepidation, "Are you all right?" The voice almost brought him back to the ground, his knees wobbly. But then he stood and heard Ron barking at the vehicle driver. Deep caressed his hackles to calm Ron. The melodious voice strummed again and said; " I am Kaamika.." And then Deep's joy knew no bounds for he was finally hearing the penfriend whose words had enraptured his conscience for three years. How Deep wished for this very instant to have a pair of eyes to behold this moment, the very power of sight which the creator had denied him.. 
                                                                .... To be continued...

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