Thursday, 21 February 2013


When the time finally comes rushing to you..
All you can do is but to say adieu.

The memories of the days gone by and far
Tickle your heart or may hurt a scar.

The time is ripe and the people are moving by
Many come and many go but how many in your sky.

The stars shimmer, the silver moon glistens
At a time when all speak but none listens.

Your mind wants to say many a things 
But yes they say fly away don't you wait on your wings.

Fate, Destiny whatever you may call it now
But are you sure you will meet again somehow.

Some say good bye from their heart some riddance from the brain
All you can do now is just wish and wish to be together again

Oh but now it is a time of held back tears and a frown
Let them go, who knows one of them might be your pretty little crown..

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