Tuesday, 26 February 2013

♦ ...The Best gift... ♦

                  Akshit sat alone in the group of classmates cracking jokes in the lunch break. Smart, studious and solemn were the 3 'S' which  could describe Akshit very well. College wasn't quite different from the previous school he had attended. It was a change nevertheless, with a lot more freedom( though according to many it wasn't enough). New faces to acquaint with.It had been just a week since he had failed yet again to gauge a true friend. When it seemed all was going to be all right and perfect. A friend he had considered who would have almost been his best. Akshit didn't understand whose fault was it actually. Now the same boy was an unfamiliar entity though they shared the same bench. Studies, Stories and sketched [ again there 'S' ;) ] took up most of his time. As every well-minded person wishes to have that very best friend to confide all your thoughts and secrets, the same was what Akshit wished for.
                He might have won quite a few laurels but he considered himself a complete failure when it came to making friends. Every time he had to face what you call as back stabbing. Akshit was now hence reluctant to open up to anyone. Outwardly it was quite different. But the monster of loneliness was erupting within. That lunch break was all but ordinary. Just as he was moving out of the classroom as always alone, to stand out in the corridor to ponder in a pensive mood, he heard a voice, a silvery voice, the most beautiful one he had ever heard, call his name. Akshit traced back his steps and saw the girl. Ah! yup she was the one. He had tried many times to start a conversation but had failed miserably. She was alone too, quite strange. Without her group of gigglers. Not that they were evil. They were just... a zillion time cooler than him. Giving speeches in front of the entire college was damn easier than talking to a girl. Especially if it was Her. The girl offered him her tiffin. Oh! that was something new. And there it came, nervousness as he took a slice of the wonderfully made paratha. Manners Akshit!!, Manners! his brain was screaming. But he was too dumbfounded for that.. It was always the same. Every time he had talking to her it was the same. Every time he had tried it was the same fumbling for words and ending up making a fool of himself. She smiled.. And there He melted. As he managed a facial expression which you could pass of for a smile. He went on his was but his thoughts stayed behind with Her.
                It wasn't that he hadn't had a crush previously. But yea.. it was a sad story, to see the other girl previously whaling away... Better not tune into Devdas mode. The day passed in a dizzy. And as the college dispersed his nervous conscience finally coaxed him to approach the Girl. He had planned out to say a many things. To try and make an impression. But what he managed was all but.. "The tiffin was awesome. " The girl again smiled, this time with a hint of maybe a slight nervousness. OH! there it was.. And Akshit used to think it was only he who was nervous. And as they talked, so easily... There were sown the seeds of the best ever friendships one could ever see. The relation that bloomed was pristine with a common emotion of true friendship. Finally Akshit had found her. Not just a friend. The best ever one could ever have. May be God had kept her hidden away just waiting for the RIGHT TIME.... ;) 


  1. What About that Boy.?
    I am Sure that that boy also considered Akshit as his Best Friend..But now..
    He is Left Alone By Akshit, just because Akshit Got a New best friend..

  2. No if it was so simple for Akshit he could have totally ignored it... He did try a lot though may be Akshit couldn't quite come to terms with what happened... tough thing to forget... Nd never could the other guy wud have been his best friend.. Akshit didn't deserve it.. and wouldn't want to continue the topic

  3. well i think d odr frnd deservs a new chance frm akshit...
    mistakes r a part of lyf & f akshit gets so hyper bout a single mistake,wt bout d mistakes dat akshit has made n his lyf??????
    1 chance to banta hai boss :D