Friday, 22 February 2013


Millions of voices clamouring in your head to be heard,
Each seem true and righteous as the innocent bird.

The voices become sharper and vivid in definition,
All wanting to lead you or preach you their own vision.

The tiny thoughts of indecision sprinkle weeds in your farm,
Appeasing one and all causes nothing. nothing but harm.

The wrinkled brow and the thinking frown,
Say it all how troubling its to wear the cursed crown.

You stand at crossroads deciding which way to go,
when all pull you equally simply stand up and say no.

If only it was so easy to refuse one and all,
Without caring of their thoughts big or small.

No it isn't an easy puzzle to find your way out,
But in the end its you who has to survive this boxing bout.

They say you came alone and you'll go alone,
False it is I Say for all remains nothings gone.

Friends come in all varieties with tags abundant,
Yet in this chaos there is the one resplendent.

Make your aim to find that one who will never leave,
The one in all maximas and minimas passing every sieve.

While you walk towards your beloved dream,
Spare a thought for the road and the directing beam.

All I say is find a way through this muddle,
Think big stop slushing and come out of your own little puddle!!..

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