Friday, 22 February 2013

The noose.♦‼

     The noose that hangs around the culprit is often misrepresented. The hangman is misjudged. The place of carrying out a death sentence is regarded with the utmost emotion of disgust. The question of passing a death sentence and actually carrying it out is debated hotly on. And seeing the recent penalties being carrying out at a surprisingly fast rate, this debate comes to the forefront. Various significant or insignificant personas have expressed their so called expert opinion on this very topic. Following is a trial at representing both the views.
   The modern human ideology has seemingly become more civilized than a few centuries ago. The human right activists are often found clamouring for human rights. Animal rights have rightfully found their way to the main picture. The governing bodies now have to rethink their proposals and strategies before presenting them to the masses. The have to reconsider and give a proper professional thought to their pronouncements. The expanse of media and the fiery nature of news channels have truly tried to maintain a leash on the authorities, which so far have been incumbent. Hence the moral right activists truly proclaim their righteous stand against the DEATH SENTENCE. They ask for its repeal. The United Nations have pleaded to countries which still have capital punishment as a medium of dispensing justice or rather avenging it. The culprits have ample of time to live their life of luxury (all of course financially borne by the esteemed government treasury). The process of passing the death sentence is quite a lengthy even by Indian judicial standards. The pronouncing of a death sentence byt the apex court is mostly followed by the MERCY petition to the Honorable president of the nation. Thus accordingly we as do not posses the official right to carry out the process of death on a fellow Homo Sapiens species. Thus as this view says the death punishment is quite harsh.
   Given all the human limitations and moral responsibilities. I still have enough faith in the Indian Judiciary that the Death sentence isn't passed lightly.It is only in heinous crimes such a sentence is passed. The death sentence is in fact a gruesome act. Another route here makes the wrongdoers martyrs for some. The impact of a capital punishment is very great. So any statement in this concept is quite heavy. Logically sound minds and those who are well versed in this topic should somehow come to a amicable solution. As it is a topic of national importance. Hopefully we find some wise ears.(for the matter a good pair of eyes and an internet connection too).

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