Monday, 25 March 2013

§ ..Thoughts on nostalgia.. §

Fly away
     Time is often credited for flying away. How unique every nanosecond of our life is. And once it is spent it can never come back. Ever thought of reliving moments that have gone by never to come again. All that remains is the shadow of these events gone by. They cannot be relived in flesh and bone but yes they do can be recreated in the enormous expanse of our mind. How many times over and over again we have wished to be present at a particular event in the past. Man has always been fascinated by the concept of time travel. At the same instant there are memories which we mean to delete permanently from our conscious memory. There is a great boon of forgetfulness which helps us in the process. But they do haunt us. If we observe the fine raiment of nature's organisation we will be astounded at every step of it. Such a systematised order we live within. The shackles of material possession have always taunted us. But is wrong to indulge once in a while. To get carried away in the soothing river of our memories. The days of the forgotten past are triggered by some sub conscious event which reminds us of the past. 
             Yes I beseech you all to take a time out from your "hectic" schedules. Spare time for nostalgia, spare time for reminiscence. For the romantic mind its a trip away from reality.. to immerse in the sea of dreams and possibilities. Endeavouring for the mighty hopeful future. We build our future steps as a palace of cards, ready to tumble at the slightest of winds of doubt. But that doesn't stop us from dreaming. Such wonderful world it is myriad and full of infinite possibilities. Many of the greatest achievements were a result of dreams once considered sheer madness by the lay public devoid of imagination. But personally i believe in the dictum 'nothing is impossible'.. And i take it literally.. All you need is to dream and believe..

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