Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The breeze..→→

Sitting alone in the confines of the four walls
I wait and wait by the window till my mother calls.
Breaking the reverie of nostalgic memories
The thoughts and events of the past like a breeze
Shedding inhibitions and caution in the privacy of the mind
I meet characters of lore, fiction, freedom and buzz of all kind
Brings the heavy time a stream of rust
All those little things  reappear from the dust
Though time travel seems a game of falsehood

Your mind takes you everywhere even if you simply brood→→→

Hundreds of familiar faces kept in our storage
Yet the few strike the right key to break the cage→→→

Sometimes the world seems foolish and dreary
And at times so vivid, that its my eyes that become weary→→→

A certain voice prods me to keep up the faith within 
For its belief that matters when the mind is in a huge din→→→

Starved to see a see a real face sans a mask
No politics, no make up, just a straight a task→→→

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