Saturday, 1 June 2013

Coming to terms with..

Why is it that we have so many things pulling us back,
Some times we need to rethink our steps as many times until we crack

Its true that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence,
Yet every trouble seems so huge and ends making us so damn tense

Getting evaluated, rated or judged by some random standards,
Always running  a race on weary legs begging so much to be free birds

If only we could break away even for a while from the crowd,
To take a very deep breath, deep indeed and then let it out real loud

Time has its own pace, passing away so fast slipping as sand,
Being mobbed, robbed or simply lobbed makes one fear to raise a hand

Every one has to be measured by the same scale, I ask by whom?
Shut out all your gifts for all you to is add to the already crowded room

Dreams then remain the only out let for our vivid muses,
Giving a free space to run amok doing something not just for uses

But even amidst this dreary atmos and clouded shrine,
There still awaits for us a calling goal like a golden mine

You owe a lot to those who brought you in this world, 
Never will you ever repay but have faith that you will have you way

What you think is what you ask for yourself in your life,
Has no limits a good job, a fat pocket or even a loving wife

Its no laughing matter, its the science of give and take,
If you spread joy,cheer and happiness it is what you will rake

All those reading these thoughts take a time out and flash that smile
For nothing is certain than this lovely present moment, live with joy a awhile

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