Wednesday, 17 July 2013


    The nature of light has been one of the most debated topics of the scientific community. Some call for its particle nature while some for its wave nature. But leaving the scientific face aside let us wear the mask of the lay for a while. There are innumerable myriad occurrings around us. One such thing that puzzles me is 'light'. What is life without this very phenomenon. Can you imagine living minus the sensation of this very light. For me it is excruciatingly impossible.
     Even to think that I might have not had the sensation of light to my eyes is scary. Spare a silent thought for whom we call the 'blind'. A refined way to denote them is 'visually impaired '. But changing words hardly changes fact. The life they live. The steps they take. For us the opposite of light is dark. But for them what is dark? What do they actually see.? Is it completely blinding light or pitch black darkness? One wonders what is it exactly? Colours form such an integral part of our lives and for them how could it be? Faces, flowers, fauna and the wide world, no visuals. A scary picture this is. To have no aid of your eyes. In fact  for the ones who are sight impaired at birth, life might even be tougher. My heart goes out not in pity but in genuine care for such brethren of ours. And the good part is that this draw back has never stifled great minds. They find a way out. Just as the sun cannot be hidden forever, the ray of skill shines through beyond physical hurdles. There are many such people who lived a purposeful life and set examples for their fellow brethren.

      Coming back today we posses a thing called 'science'. Technology has made it possible to return or usher the light of vision in many lives. Quite a large number of people can be cured. They will be able to see. Sadly the thing that lacks now is the number of donors. Due to many conceptions made on the basis of incomplete knowledge, people hesitate to donate eyes. Think, Ponder and act. I will myself do so. Pledge our eyes to usher sight and light into dark life.

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  1. I am IN....
    I will donate my eyes so that that person can see this beautiful world..
    Excellent writing..