Monday, 9 September 2013

A crush

Confused, is the word for my mind right now,
Thoughts swirl about yet do not settle don't know how.

The person I haven't even talked to even smiled at,
How can she take over all the space like a spoilt brat.

Its just me sway, many a ones in the sway,
At times it seems wise enough to keep thoughts away.

But the smallest of glimpse or the liltest of thought,
Unsettles, rattles, battles like a petal in a storm caught.

Waste of time, distraction, are the phrases they use,
All set aside yet the innocence of my thoughts a ruse?

Why do they not understand, how it is to leave the ground,
Fly about in the winds of love and have those words all around.

Can't put it to words nor approach her, yet a hope stays,
Wishing for that something to happen someday before we part ways.

Beauty in the eyes of the looker, some say it is not,
Rather not, but if it crosses the lines wars were fought.

All just many a supposition and a silly proposition it is,
Time will fly by so soon that this moment would just be a whiz.

Heart beats at its pace yet as she nears gains a rush
Not some fishy stuff but wouldn't she ever know bout the li'l crush?

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