Monday, 18 November 2013


The friend, with no tags to bear along it,
Simply being open and happy, my advisory kit ;)

That huge smile, makes my day each time I see it,
The long chatter and chatter adding bit by bit.

Though it wasn't for long that it could be so,
Things and memories of past breaking across the row.

Times of sulking and fake anger stay still,
Yet the happy moments rise up on the creaky mill.

Friends don't need a common base to stand on,
In fact its the uncommon that strings it along.

Luck is what I had, to have you as a friend of mine,
Seems so long back, as our friendship grows older as wine.

To the world things may seem twisted all around,
But its us that I know, how pure than the cleanest ground.

Can never thank you enough ever for everything, 
All I'll do is to try and be true and luck it will bring.

Its so awesome to have a friend in you,
This friendship will stay clear as the morning dew.

In the end will ask just a thing for awhile,
Wherever you end up, never ever lose that super smile.

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