Sunday, 8 December 2013


          When there is a time when you either don't have a keyboard or a net connection, its frustrating. To miss my blog. The thing that i missed. Keying in and writing those thoughts. Time has come to gather it all up these vacations. Thoughts on being back from first 5 months in a hostel. Something different. A totally vivid life back there. A different phase of life. Getting disconnected from the routine back there. A time of reconnection. The life in a hostel is something I could have never imagined. The first thing which strikes one's mind is sharing. Sharing a room with three other people. But it helps a lot when you are already familiar with them. A lot infact rather than complete strangers being around. The pre assumed missing home and other expected stuff never quite happens. Especially not in a melodramatic way. Though one can never neglect the feeling of being away from accustomed surroundings. An unfamiliar bed to tuck in. A completely different roof overhead. One might even accord this to the so called unattached attitude of the new generation. The 'No-one-gives-a-damn' view, which has been criticized a lot. This could even be attributed to the large number of communication media available to us. Your near and dear ones are just a couple of clicks away. 
       And yet this experience began. The first thing you realise is the freedom. Many might interpret this word wrongly. But its the way one sees at it in the end. It is being free from the rigid boundaries one is expected to follow. It is the freedom not only to think but be responsible for our thoughts and consequent actions. A lot more days and experiences to follow on this little journey called hostel life..

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