Monday, 14 April 2014

Ending your life?

Ending it up. Taking up your life. Seems the only option left at times. The easiest one. Isn't it? When you feel cornered, all alone. When the smallest of comments tick you. Nobody cares. But is it so? Is it so easy to give up the thing, the gift of life. To leave this abode for some unknown destination. Not thinking clearly is the reason at times. The moments. The moments define your life. Let them pass. The moments if trepidation. It seems hopeless and mindless to live on. It is so easy to give up. The friends who once seemed clos and a support seems distant and hostile. The bleary worls comes rushing in to devour you. But for a moment, take a deep breath. Let it out. The feeling subsides. Try it. Now is he moment. All troubles, however great seem insignificant when you weigh it against the fact that you are alive. This very moment a heart beats in your rib cage. Beating hard and fast. Every whiff of air that goes inside your lungs. Feel it. Feel the process that keeps you alive and kicking. You simply have no right to snuff it out. No right to end it. No matter how desperate you get. It is not an option.
Think of your parents, yiur lil brother or the elder sister. The one who tied you a rakhi or the lil one clings on to you. The sun rising every day without fail. The birds that chirp out their heart. The scurrying rabit. Everything that is alive. All needs to be acknowledged. Your life isn't solely yours to take at all. The things people say are mere manifestations of their own lives. It would be pretty tough to think of such things when you are down. Very tough in fact. But it matters. To a person, to a person iut in the world who cares. There is so much more in life left to explore. The clear bkue sky. The clear water. The wide world is so large. One's existence seems so unique yet insignificant in the dynamics of this universe. Think twice. Think if it is worth it. To not be able to experience all the beauty there is to offer in this world. All the things that occur in your life. The feeling of being alive in this body wouldn't be anymore. To even think of it is dreadful. All this seems apt but it isn't so. It takes simple thought. A pause, this is the most important thing everywhere. To take a pause at times, ponder and then act. Life is precious. Not to be given up or taken away at will. Live it till it lasts. Live it to the fullest. For you. To somebody, to everybody, realise it and live on...



  1. Precisely written.
    I agree with the points mentioned.
    Time passes so does the bad phase.
    Rather than killing your 'owned' self its better to find a wayout and start living afresh.
    Life will become more beautiful.
    Kudos to your work!