Monday, 12 May 2014


 Back on the internet with a proper resource this time. It seems overwhelming. Taking it all in at a time is stupendously overwhelming and that is why this post. Taking a look at twitter after a hiatus of almost a year. And here is the conclusion... I am bamboozled. Will take some time to get back into the routine. The best way for us all is to get back slowly and gradually. I can just imagine how tough should it be for our previous generation. It is stupefying. And this isn't demeaning anybody. Just the huge nature itself is tending towards scary. The real picture is so amazing in fact terrifying. Finally it will take some time. These things aside. The pace is really breathtaking. Wait for a second and you will be trampled. Thats all plain trampled nothing else. The Internet truly addicting. And this isn't some stereotype saying it. Take it in the stride and keep on moving. All you can do is this.

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