Friday, 23 May 2014

The ABCs..

A- Able to smile more?
B- Be the person you are.
C- Calm always is most important.
D- Dynamic is the word not static
C- Carve your own niche.
E- Every person is running his own race.
F- Forgive, for it is for the best.
G- Give time for its the most valuable thing you posses.
H- Have a break once in a while, for they matter.
I- Independence from stereotypes is the best form of it.
J- Jokes do help, but need to be timed well.
K- Kill those cynical thoughts.
L- Love work and bless all.
M- Motivate the ones around you whenever you can.
N- Never hesitate to ask.
O- Our life is quite short, be aware of this fact.
P- Proving yourself to somebody isn't important all.
Q- Quiet conversations with someone  are at times the best.
R- Rise everyday with a huge SMILE.
S- Sweet are the moments spent in solitude.
T- Treat women with all the respect you can gather.
U- Understanding people is tough sometimes, give 'em time.
V- Vast amount of knowledge stays concealed, we know nothing yet.
W- Watch those thoughts that flutter by cause they could be life changers.
X- Xmas, Diwali, Eid celebrate all, for there is no fun dividing life because of        religion.
Y-  Yearn for peace not chaos.
Z- Zeal for life is the only thing that keeps one afloat in adversity.

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