Tuesday, 13 May 2014

When in annoyance

       'I am annoyed', so easily annoyed. You hear this so often nowadays. It has become so very common. Getting upset and annoyed is so very easy. All it takes is nothing but our petty brain. The time when some particular thing irritates one to the earnest. Little things end up disturbing us. Even the bird chirping or a giggling crowd, is enough to get you of your hooks. And then all we do is react. And this reaction is very often than not misinterpreted. At such times it is easy to a reaction which we might repent later on. So it is at such times that we need to ponder. To give that pause. The very pause that is required, to take a little break and stop before we react. It could easily be condensed as:
1.Some random event triggering our reaction.
2.A reaction which could be at times unexpected.
3.A later repentance.
  And at the best of times it cannot be avoided. All of us know this plain fact- Its not worth it. Not worth getting worked up. Getting frustrated about a thing which I bet will seem petty some time later in your life. When one fine evening you ponder and think over your days gone by. You shall laugh it off. And might repent to. To have had a chance to go back into the reminiscence and tweak your reaction. That moment might come someday when the time has gone by. When it isn't any more in your hands. The best way therefore is to think when you have it within your scope to influence the change. The time is now. Not when the days have been used up. Not when you have a stick in your shivering hands. People give a stark logic. That - to err is to live. Accepted. But yet not to change is to be unfair to your life. Change shouldn't be forced. Yet it comes from within. At times we smother it. Try to suppress it. But that isn't the answer. It takes a conscious effort to get it together and face it. For a change accept the fact that nobody is perfect. Nobody even you. Face it for it is an undeniable fact. And it is when we realise this, we can come out of the kingdom of annoyance. It isn't easy. But it isn't impossible too. And could be easily summarised as
1.Accept it - NObody is perfect out here
2.GIve it some time, everything heals.

3.Get over it for its not worth it..


  1. So true! It is immensely relevant for a person like me. So, a big thank you to you for this article! :D

  2. Thanks to you for giving it a read.. :)