Sunday, 8 June 2014

Falling off it : A story

   A lovely evening it was. The sky was painted a dull shade of blue and grey with streaks of red and orange from the west. Avani looked through the window. Her workplace, 14th floor in a 25 floored building it was. It was a half day  at work. Almost everyone had left their cubicles. But not Avani, her cubicle was by the life size window. The view was far too mesmerising to resist. She wanted to take it all in. The job was more than anything a girl her age could ask for. A large sum as a salary, reputation in the firm. Avani had everything she had always dreamt of. Good looks and brains rarely come in one piece. But Avani had them. She gathered her bag from the work desk and stood. Her cubicle was a stark contrast to the others. While others had decorated their own with a dash of paraphernalia, Avani's was empty save for a lone photo frame. It held her only possession, their 'selfie'. A wide grin on His face in the picture made her flinch. It wasn't theirs any longer, just Him and Her, no longer 'Us'.
   "You are too ambitious, Avani!", these were the only words He had said. That's all and all ended for them. The words had stung real bad. It had been 5 long years and all it took him was 5 words to end it. She had wanted to stop him. To tell him that she wasn't really ambitious. She really did care. But did she really? Was she so engrossed? Her life was so different now and by now unimaginable without him.
     She entered into the elevator. Her finger hovered a while over the 'G' button. But then stiffened and with a firm push the elevator took her straight to the terrace of the building!. The doors clinged open and a chill wind blasted right into her face. Avani moved as if in a trance towards the edge. Her heart beating, hammering, thundering. The queens necklace glimmered in the distance. The ways so far away hitting on the shore. Avani took a faltering step and then out of the blue it struck. The elevator couldn't come up straight to the terrace, let alone did she even work here any longer?.. It was a jumble, a scream.. A man's scream she had heard.. the wail of silence and a thud.. It was all confusing... Avani collapsed and just as she did the terrace didn't quite seem open but seemed a close room.. And the concrete floor seemed clinical and tiled, and she fainted.

     The doctor shook her head sadly from behind the screen on the cabin door. She scribbled on her notepad against the serial number AB525627... "No progress. The subject still acts delusional and hallucinates of the past. Reason :probably guilt." And the doctor moved on to the next cabin as she had for the last six years. It had been six long years since He died. Or rather slipped off the terrace. And yet the doctor knew she loved him a lot,.. A lot in fact..


  1. love never dies! <3

  2. her time with him maybe you can count on the fingers of one hand but its print was deeper than anyone thought.