Friday, 27 June 2014

Just (THeir Story- Part 2)

       Weird thing time is. Passes so slowly when you want it to rush by. He waited and waited for it come. And the day finally came. The rush of the wind as He stood by the train door and thought of the meet coming up soon. He got down and made his way to the place He and She were to meet. It had been some time since a meet in person.Dressed quite well. Finally He arrived. Nobody was there just him and a couple of stray cars idling around. Did she mock him? Was it a mockery as He had once considered? Ohh please let it be a mockery. Somewhere deep inside He wished it to be all false. He hoped She would not come. And then as His cell beeped, there it was, a message from Her-- "Where are you?".. He looked up and around, there She was coming along. The pink dress, you couldn't miss Her for sure. She saw Him too, standing or was it waiting? He didn't want to but yea He did- SMile.
   As she neared, He saw Her smile too. There was silence for a while nothing exchanged but smiles. But they didn't mean anything. Just unspoken nothings. yet a lot was said in that silence on the walk towards the cafe. It was empty nobody in there, just a couple of cafe workers. He led on the way to the seat by the window. There were three chairs in fact. One for Her, the second for Him and the third a reminder of the quiet longing of dismay that stood still between them. Why was there a tinge of regret for not bringing the rose He had almost brought? Wasn't it supposed to be cheesy? But nope, it didn't seem cheesy this time over. And now as they sat, there was no nervousness of previous times. She wondered too, why? Was it because perhaps she had moved on. And breaking the ice with an unconventional compliment from Her (supposedly to be expected from Him). She said. "You do still look great". ah. What was He supposed to say, just a smile sufficed. And they talked. Talked of the things that could have been.

     It wasn't a formal meet as supposed. Three years they had known one another. But yes as She said, didn't seem a long time since their first talk, courtesy Mark Zuckerberg. It seemed natural enough, the talk, the smiles, the laugh, and the occasional punch. 'Friends'- He and She had labelled their relation. It was just for fun He had asked Her. Were there no second chances? And it wasn't it fun She had answered Him -'No'. Why did the denial hurt Him? Maybe even Her? It was a sad fact. He had been a super talker. And it was Him who had talked her out and now couldn't talk her back in. It was just when the coffee arrived chilled She looked up. A couple of hours flew, and ohh believe me when I say flew. The ice cream too gulped down. Then all of a sudden He realised it was the moment. The moment of impact. Once you cross over, you cannot climb back. He took a look at the wristwatch, he was completely oblivious to for the last 2 hours and more. It was time. Time to get up. Time to not get involved further. She and He had a chance in the past. He blew it. But yet He had His reasons, She Her own. They left the cafe again the same silence as when they had entered. They walked, no selfies, no PJs, no crackers, just a walk back. She told him once, twice, thrice, to not go. But He knew, the label Friends wasn't quite completely true for Him now. He had to leave. The wait on the platform was one of the waits She wouldn't have wanted perhaps. They talked, maybe planning for a movie or so as friends. He and She and yet again there was nobody else. Again She said the same thing to Him, "wait, and don't go". It was ominous but somewhere deep it struck, it was late, but the was it fate? As He again stood by the train door rushing away. She fading in a blur of pink, He again cringed for not bringing up that that rose. And again as the narrator I say its unfair quite unfair..
            May be continued.. (hope not)..

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