Monday, 2 June 2014

Kiddie dayz..

Chaos all around you shutting out,
Not a war it is but just another bout.

Seems faraway and distinct ways,
A single boat anchored at many a boys.

Trees in blossom and the sun ,
Beauty all around yet the cynic soul soul whines.

The purest joy when a kid smiles free,
Yearning for those days of all but simply glee.

The ball bouncing back back and forth between,
The pauper wishes for the joy even the mighty queen.

The tales of the hare and the tortoise,
The thirsty crow no pretense and no poise.

Flew by those moments of innocent bliss,
Kiddie bottles hung around necks you do miss.

Running around mindlessly in circles was,
Pure fun and there were no Newton's laws.

All it lies hidden within waiting still,
Let it come back again days of Jack and Jill.

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