Saturday, 5 July 2014

Shoudln't matter

    A thousands of events occur by. In our life, things happen even without even we knowing about them. And our reactions to them. And yes many infact all of them are spontaneous at times. Just thinking of a story I once read.

    " Once a monk and his disciple were walking by on their way to their hermitage in the forest. They walked on for a while only to find a stream they had to cross everyday back. But only this time there was a young woman standing by the bank of the stream. She seemed to be having trouble crossing the river on her own. The monks were celibate and were not supposed to talk or interact with women. The disciple immediately increased his pace to avoid the woman. But as it, the woman called out the monk, and asked him that if they could help her go the other side as she had hurt her leg and couldn't cross the river. The disciple was shocked. He expected his master, the monk to get angry and walk away. Instead the monk went towards the woman and picked her by the hand. He held her hand and helped her cross the river. The woman then thanked them and went on her way. The disciple was shell shocked as it was not expected of the monk. The monk had broken a holy rule set for them. How could he even touch the woman when they were not supposed to look at them. This thought troubled the disciple for a long time. But terrified of the master's reaction he did not ask the monk. This went on for about a few weeks. Yet the disciple could not get it out of his mind. The master monk had sensed something wrong. And he asked his disciple what was it that was bothering him. The disciple then gathered courage and finally asked the master that how could he have touched the woman and helped her holding her hands when it was against the rules for the monks. The monks smiled and answered. 'Yes, dear child. But I left the woman back there weeks ago by the stream. It is you who is carrying her since then with you.' The disciple understood his folly soon."

    This is how it is with us all the time. Carrying our baggage. Keeping grudges, remembering and ruminating memories. And mostly the ones that made us feel bad about ourselves. The luggage that we don't realise is weighing us down all the time. Pulling us back from our current state. Thinking about things which actually don't matter. Letting go of things is in fact one of the toughest things to do at times. When things cling on to us forever. It seems worthless to keep them in. It is for the best to leave them. It isn't about ignoring, but about not letting them affect you. As humans its our nature to be affected and hurt. And we should be. But keeping them on for a long time simply hampers our growth. The sense of peace which one finds is in fact a lot more calming. The thing which helps us is a simple thought. And that thought is- " Its just what you would have done had it been you in the situations the person has faced. " Its just a reflection of thoughts we have for them. May be this is a lot of preaching but it helps, helps a lot in fact., try it. its just worth the work you put in..    

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