Friday, 19 September 2014

In Frustration?

     Its a lot troubling, frustrating and all those complaining maladies we get to hear. All such in a young age. It seems terribly stupid in retrospect when we realise that all was for nothing in the beginning. Accepted that when in the actual situation, its rarely are we able to keep a sane mind. All the unwanted and corrosive thoughts pour in torrents. Its not unnatural to think of the weirdest of things when faced with such a situation at times. The worst case scenarios pop up out of nowhere. When the trusted of faces seem to be distant and unfamiliar. We then let the most insignificant of things affect us. The meaningless words find extreme meanings in our mind. More often than not, all it ends in regret. Its all easy to say when one is out of that depressing state. Living by, and days stretching by no longer is a hyperbole in such times. Strange thing this mind of ours is. The extreme suppositions and derivations we start making from the smallest of acts is laughable in hindsight. 
      All these things seem magnified and grave the longer you keep looking at them. The 'frustration' could very well be compared with an itch but just a mental one. A mental itch. You can't scratch it. It just keeps on irritating without dying down. Enough of this description. Getting on with it, we realize our folly in it. Writing on it is fairly easy. But even then it is surely worth a try if we could cope with it. Its just a thin line we tread on, but yes not totally impossible. Just remembering the same thing we always knew. This too shall pass. The same old cliche we have been hearing for ages. All you do is try to be indifferent but not inconsiderate. Thinking of what we already have and how much better off we are helps too. The wonderful things that lay ahead. Its abrupt, but yet the same thing repeated. Have faith, this too shall pass.. :)

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