Sunday, 8 March 2015

The Complete Woman

   Amid the latest uproar of "the documentry"(rather not name it, its banned you know) here's wishing the entire world a happy women's day. A day supposed to be a amalgam of Mother's day and the Valentine's day (that's what wiki says). Finally a time when the MBA recruits mastermind advertisements of brands and sell out to the crowd manipulating the emotional upheaval associated with this day. Take a moment to ponder over it. 8th of March made available of a celebration of womanhood. Not trying to be a chauvinist when one quotes the hype created around this day. Neither being judgmental when the so called torch bearers of woman propaganda unmute their tongues. Is this the level we shall now resort to. When every passing moment of your lives should be sprinkled in a sense of subconscious respect for the fairer sex. 
  " A man who treats his lady like a princess is the proof that he has been raised in the arms of a queen. " 

   This quote sums it all. Isn't this prejudice in gender being propagated by the narrow minded enthusiasts hiding under the farce of feminism. True and accepted that the situation we live in is terrifying. Any parent thinks twice before letting his/her daughter go on any sojourn. Its a scary picture to think of when you see the news marque full of the inhuman atrocities prevalent on the large. Disgusting is the only word you think of. But then generalizing the entire breed is unfair. Agreed that there is a need for actual action to be taken rather than hollow promises being thrown during the polls. Objectifying women has rather become a pass time of movie makers. An obvious interpretation is that the silver screen is nothing but a mere reflection of the mindset that prevails over the society. With educated ones too disappointing on accounts of common sense, there is a dire thirst for a change. A solution preferred by the majority is running away from this adversity and that is where you lose. Ignoring is  never the solution. Theoretically one may find infinite logically sound solutions. But the only one which could is stand out is not a quick fix one. It will for sure take time, but yes it will work. All along the only ones who have made a difference are the ones who mould you. The ones who bring you up. Parents, the modern day parents. Running behind the 7 and 8 figure salaries its a rarity to find ones who actually give time to their kids. All it takes a slice out of your busy schedules. Time is all kids crave for. A heart to heart talk goes a long way. Its words which make the difference in the end. Give em time not dime.

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