Friday, 28 August 2015


All eyes stare blank and hard,
Efforts just to decorate life in a shard.

Taking care not to cross paths drawn,
Blurry eyes shunned, stifled many a yawn.

Square boundaries drawn in union here,
Break neck speed and competing with a leer.

Circles of society to enter against will,
Clashes and alliances become a dreary drill.

Decisions made in the blink of an eye,
Words but futile hurled, for want of a try.

Safe and secure your next day ought to be,
Farces valued and not the dreams you often see.

Shepherded over the hill of mediocrity,
Discarded in ruins below lie the genuinely witty.

And through these ashes rise the worthy few,
Climbing, trekking the slopes waiting to start anew.

Life's more subtle perhaps than some make,
Live through the downs and the ups are then to take.

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