Friday, 1 January 2016

Home Food..

  As the last day of vacation dawns here's an ode to thing missed the most by us the hostelites...

Years till date when it was a part of life taken for granted,
Easily overlooked, never understood why is it so very wanted..

Mothers pestering and forever pleading to have it in peace,
To have it served in our platters cringing, grudging never to cease.. 

Best of dishes with a large helping of mother's love all through,
Prepared with with utmost care just for us, cooking up the perfect stew..

And then when all of sudden you find a yourself in a queue,
Making way in patience here for the mess food, waiting your due..

When the Roti is no longer soft as home or the watery dal to add,
The rare glimpse of a your favourite piece in the helping makes you glad..

There are of course the pandas and owls to deliver you from this grief,
Yet the many fancy offers and the coupons spent are but a momentary relief..

When the sole item in the menu in the night canteen is the holy grail,
Tears are shed when it's closed and all you can do is repent and forever wail..

The tiffin from home is trove to be plundered with your floor crew soon,
With the sniffers all around you can never keep at bay be it morn or be it noon..

This is when you realise the value of food once you shunned on a bad mood,
For it's paradise to be back just for the sake of the prized possession - home food..

#homefood #forevermissed

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