Monday, 30 May 2016

On living it..

          Of recent a recurring thought brushes by in forms. 'The things we didn't do are more regretted than the ones we actually end up doing'. We live without a foot always in the past and one worrying about the future. And in this process forget the importance of the present tense. By far the most important gem we possess. The uncanny worries of the future and the constantly regurgitated events of the past play havoc on the board of our life throwing the pieces in disarray. It is but easy to lose oneself in the thought of how the past was. And yes the sweet events of the past brush past the gentle facade of our memories letting lose the unbidden days gone by. It is a pleasure to remain immersed in the thoughts of things that were. It allows you to be comfortably numb from the realities of the present. The other extremes where we end up is worrying about the future. The constant thoughts of how things will be and what will be the reactions of every minutest decisions. If we pause once in a while and try and glimpse into our own minds, it won't be a wonder if end up laughing at our thoughts. The improbable situations we cook up and the useless over thinking that follows suit.

     The present ironically remains forgotten and we hesitate to grab opportunities forever waging a two way war with the past and the future. The moment you realise that they can never cross the lines time has bound them to, you start your onslaught riding in the saddle of this very moment. To realise that the things of the past are just what has been and never shall be again. You derive the strength from the fact that every thing that went against you, chiseled the fine corners of your character and made you what you are today. In fact it is a source to derive your strength from. To believe that every challenge is beatable. It's easy play of words to preach. But to learn to accept the past is the biggest challenge of all. The myriads of lives we touch and the many who leave a mark on the pages of the book of our life. The etch a place and the memories are to stay. To run away is not a choice and neither is facing them constantly. Both end up hurting you more often than not. The only choice is the middle ground of acceptance. The person who makes peace with his or her actions of the past is the one here to stay. Treat the pieces of the past as treasures to learn from but not to replayed at every whim.
     The future and the days to come are a result of the actions you take today. But the over thought that goes in worrying about it is often underrated. The worries sap your energy and all but lead to more frustration. Living forever in the shadow of made up impending doom is a favourite pass time our mind indulges in regularly. The way out is a simple realization. To realise, that all we have is this very moment in our hands. The beauty and the power we posses to chose what we do of this moment in our hand. To take charge of the present and live it to the best of our capacities. Because this very second is never coming back. It is completely on us whether to whale it away as every other to be dumped in the irritating recurrent memories of the past or carve a masterpiece out of it. To arrange these pieces of art in a series of decisive moments to decorate and celebrate this wonder we call life.. So buckle up live this second for its yours and only yours to live.    

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