Thursday, 23 June 2016

5 things for a happier day..

   Every moment that we breathe time goes on by its flow. The river of time on its way never retracing its path. So why not live out one day at a time being the thing we can be best at. Being Happy.

1.The first thought..
     The moment you wake up. The very first hours of your day make a huge difference on determining your mood and consequently your actions and reactions for the day. So chuck the smart phone lying beside your table. For a second let that impulse pass to check up whatsapp or the facebook feed. Just sit up on your bed and think of a thing that makes you happy. It could be what the day has in store for you or it could be a dinner or anything that makes you happy. This trivial step kickstarts the day with a dash of happiness and the flavour lingers on your day.

2.Move those muscles..
    It takes loads of will to do this. Exercise. May seem unrelated in the context of happiness. But set aside a time for your body. For you get just one of these with no 20 year replacement policy. The onus is on you to look, feel and be fit. Half an hour to 45 minutes of exercise in addition to releasing the endorphins makes you feel good about yourself. Makes you feel better about the body you are in. Adds to your personality and lets you carry yourself with a comfortable gait.

3.Stay quiet for a while..
    Call it meditation call it what you may. But it isn't remotely religious. Spare some time to sit down in a place where it's just you and your mind. Close your eyes if it works for you. Don't complicate things with the literature you will find on the Internet. Just sit a while and relax. Away from the myriad attachments of the life you live and pay attention to the rhythm of your breaths. The endless pattern of the air flowing through your lungs. Adding this activity to your daily activities calms you down and goes a long way in helping you think clearly.

4.One thing at a time..
  There are lot many things competing for attention in your life. The next assignment, the next salary, your career prospects, your friend calling you up, the laundry you have been meaning to do.. The list is endless. Pause and realise the fact.. You anyway have to complete the tasks your mind has set itself to so why not do them in a better focused manner. The word focus itself points to paying attention to one thing at a time. Chalk out your priorities and go head on with tackling one task at a time. This reduces your anxiety and helps you be more productive at what you do. Because you wouldn't want to be the proverbial jack of none while trying to handle everything, but master things gradually.

5.Behave the way you wish to be treated as..
  You love to be treated with respect send out respect to every individual you come across. That's how simple it is. Its presumptuous to expect people to treat you impartially when you have an entrenched bias for some. The reactions you receive from the world around you are nothing but magnified reflections of what you do. So the words you utter, the smallest of actions be aware of them. Why not try and let them all be amazing. Take it up as a challenge to be good and genuine to all those around you ignoring what they have been to you. And wait and watch to see your every passing moment become brighter,.. Become happier..

Easier said than done, but rather start with something than none..

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