Saturday, 13 August 2016

A good thought a day....

The importance of being in the company of thoughts that inspire you, keep you at peace and push you towards being a better version of you each day, can never be overestimated.. here are a few reasons to keep the good clock ticking forever..

1.Positivity is attractive:
The best asset you can own in this world is a bundle of good thoughts to carry along with you. No one likes a frown or a person with the forever cynical attitude towards life. Try this for a week and you will find people being at peace and even wanting to be in your company.

2.Its not just utopia:
Contrary to a common belief that positive thoughts just add a layer of pretence over the current situation, it is only when you try things yourselves and take initiative to take charge of your live you realise the practicality of keeping a positive frame of mind.

3.A light in the dark:
There are times when no one understands your situation. The times of despair when all seems lost and you are dejected to the core. It is only your mindset that can keep you from stumbling into a downfall. To know that every person in this world has to go through a struggle. The nature of problems is that they are unavoidable, but even in them you have a choice. The choice to face them with courage and stay strong from within.

4.Your own zone:
You are affected by the myriads of events happening around you. It is scientifically proven that there is physical response to every stimuli in the environment around you. The impact of things is continuous and cannot be helped. But there is a protective shield of thoughts where you protect your core. So why not let it be one of good thoughts and not of self-pity.

5.Teaches us to be expansive:
The magic that a good thought brings with it is the power to see beyond the boundaries of narrow-mindedness. A positive thought is expansive It unknowingly makes us think big. We no longer cling on to the little slights and offenses. As once Vivekanand said - "All expansion is life and there's death in contraction"

No good thought can exist without the very essence of gratitude. The very existence of a thought of gratefulness for what you have with you in this present moment and then strive to achieve more. A good feeling which stems from being thankful for having the liberty to breathe and be responsible for the direction you take your life in.

Life is forever flowing around you, taking you along. You hit boulders while at times you float in peace meandering through moments... In this is flow of life you have a choice of oars. To direct you through the chaos and be in charge of where you go. The way upstream is always full of difficulties. And to aid you in this task is the mighty power of good thoughts.. So keep em around and keep smiling..

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