Thursday, 18 August 2016

"All Indians are my brothers and sisters"

    'All Indians are my Brothers and Sisters..' these words repeated with their own added modifications in our school days during the mandatory pledge at assemblies mean much more than what meets the eye. The mandates and definitions that these mere words bring along can span many a tomes of literature. 193 years ago an Indian captivated an audience consisting of people from a multitude of races and ethnicities by addressing them as 'Sisters and Brothers...' . The purity of emotions that come along with this bond is incomparable to any other. The primary reason to address our fellow countrymen as brothers and sisters was somewhere lost in translation from heart to papers and then on to the first page of every textbook printed for a school kid.

   The inherent sense of affinity for the people we live with irrespective of any prejudices which history has brought along is the way ahead. Shedding aside the glasses of pre-conceived notions about the people we meet in our lives, we ask ourselves to move on. The feeling of goodwill which we have for our near and dear ones needs to be expanded over to all the lives we touch. Irrespective of the mistakes our kith and kin commit, we have it in ourselves to forget and forgive them, for a very simple reason of them being our family. For a country which preached 'vasudhaiva kutumbakam' - 'the world is a family', we have a long way to go and the path is full of treacherous pitfalls. Some ignorant mercenaries of a mob mentality propagated by a handful few lead to unnecessary clashes time and again. We teach our kids in kindergarten the moral of 'United we stand and divided we fall', yet as we approach the supposed sensibilities of adulthood we conveniently forget its importance. 
   It is not just a call of the times to realise the importance of spreading brotherhood amongst all individuals, but a dire need of the present tense. There will always be a million distractions and a horde of negative appendages which will pull us back from the path towards a united front. But at the same time the deep roots of tradition can in fact help us swerve away from dangerous routes and keep us firmly together. All it takes is a realization that, one can never progress alone. It is only when the people around us are happy and content, can we be assured of living in peace. As long as there is hatred for the individuals around us, we can never reach the destined land of serenity. Our eyes are used to vie for the greener pastures beyond the fence of our own limits. In the process forgetting that it is here and now that matters and consequently affect the day following today. Discrimination of any form from our side only displays our lack of thought and sensitivity for all to see. 
   We belong to a generation which has access to mediums which can reach out beyond the boundaries of geography and hence posses the power to create history. The choice will forever be ours to make... Till then..Be good and do good :) 

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