Sunday, 7 August 2016

That very place..

The trees still the same stood upright, 
Leaves swaying hiding nooks from plain sight..

Lush green whispering secrets to none,
Calmly herding all below be it rain or the sun..

A path meanders its ways through around,
Marked by footsteps etched forever safe and sound..

Generations of men come and go in their time,
Leaving behind memories more than their hoarded dime..

Thoughts of worry of the future and the past,
A thing to learn from the timeless odes firmly cast..

Odes of valour and the good deeds of some,
Recounted to this day and for the many to come..

Chose what you do in the present with utmost care,
For a moment lost is lost forever, harsh yet truly very fair..

Glimpses through the window of solitude here,
Out into the world full of love and a petty kind of fear..

The fear of losing, to be overcome from within,
To realise the ounce of courage that is hidden in the din..

At last to end the day with a smile on your face,
Mingling with the melody of nature and not the rushing race ..

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